Companies from Tolima visit the Colombia Pavilion at Expo 2020 to explore partnership possibilities


Over 14 companies arrive at the pavilion to exhibit their range of fashion, apparel, design, coffee and related products

 The Colombia Pavilion welcomed over 14 companies from Tolima, one of the 32 departments of Colombia, to showcase their products from various industries and discover investment opportunities. Several products from various segments, including fashion, clothing, design, and more, were featured and showcased at the pavilion for visitors to explore.

Tolima, located in the Andean region at the center-west of Colombia, has a strong trade and commercial presence, due to the country’s vast biodiversity, exotic fruits and vegetation, and wildlife and culture, making it an attractive destination for investors. The visit to Expo 2020 Dubai was in line with the department’s efforts to reactivate the economy and strengthen the nation’s export market and position itself on the world tourism map. Companies from various sectors arrived to showcase their range of offerings, including fashion, design, and related industries.

Additionally, Tolima also brought its range of coffees to the event in hopes to offer further assistance in growing businesses, exploring investment and trade opportunities, and facilitate trade between Colombia and other countries by promoting Colombian origins abroad.

Colombia became a part of the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai, in an effort to highlight the country’s cultural heritage, innovations, and investment offerings among others. As part of its efforts to attract more foreign investors, Colombia has initiated several programs and encouraged Colombians to visit the pavilion and support the country’s efforts to build a better future. The Expo 2020 Dubai has been inspiring and fostering connections among cultures and communities, making it the perfect platform for Tolima to showcase their market.