ConnectME to Accept Crypto Payments for Business Setup Amid UAE Push for Global Crypto Hub Status


One of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates, ConnectME will now be accepting crypto payments for their business setup solutions. Subsequently, becoming one of the first companies in the UAE to receive this trending currency as a payment option. As a result, this company is showing its support for giving the region the necessary push to elevate its status as a crypto hub.

Therefore, from now on ConnectME is entering a new era where they are settling its status as a leading company in the business sector. In this way, making its business incorporation and company assistance services more convenient, accessible, and affordable to local and international investors.

What was the reason for this new change?

The main reason behind this new addition is to provide entrepreneurs with more possibilities to simplify the business setup in dubai process. Therefore, by accepting cryptocurrencies, ConnectME is supporting the UAE’s economy; while also helping it develop its global crypto hub status. In this way, the United Arab Emirates’ government is doing everything in its power to foment these activities.

To establish itself as a crypto hub, the UAE is allowing leading firms in the business sector, such as ConnectME, to boost the domestic crypto sector. Subsequently, investors from every corner of the world can come to the UAE and use cryptocurrency as a payment method for business setup services with ConnectME.

Aaron Portero – Managing Director of ConnectME – comments: “Our Company is gladly working towards the goal of the UAE’s government of turning the region into a global crypto hub. Besides, accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for our business setup services will also give more opportunities to foreign investors to establish their businesses and develop in the area.”

What results do they expect?

By officially including cryptocurrency as a new form of payment, ConnectME expects to reinforce its status as a leading agency in the business revolution. Likewise, this particular move also goes toward the company’s aim to support the United Arab Emirates economy. Therefore, allowing entrepreneurs from all over the world to create new companies and invest in the region.

In the same way, ConnectME expects to put an example to other companies to start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Consequently, opening the UAE’s possibility of becoming the center of cryptocurrency in the world. Allowing the region to keep its place as a diverse investment scene and stay at the top of economic innovation. 

People around the world are constantly using cryptocurrencies as payment alternatives. As a result, the popularity of this currency is not likely to slow down any time soon. According to research, Bitcoin – one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market – registers more than 300.000 daily transactions worldwide. Therefore, its value is constantly growing due to its popularity. Accepting cryptocurrency is one of the many steps ConnectME will be leading to change the ways business setup is done in the United Arab Emirates.