COP 28: PwC Middle East signs MoU with Dar Group to deliver built environment sustainability solutions


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: PwC Middle East and Dar Group have announced their partnership during this year’s COP 28 to drive sustainable solutions and enhance quality and performance of the built environment in the MENA region. 

The collaboration, under the theme “Taking on the Built Environment Sustainability Challenge”, will include a joint-cooperation in hosting workshops and panels bringing together experts in sustainability and smart cities, to explore development opportunities in the built-environment with the aim of delivering climate-ready solutions that enhance the liveability of cities in the region in line with the region’s climate agenda.

{Insert quote from PwC spokesperson}: “We are honoured to partner with Dar Group, the global leading privately-owned architecture, engineering, and consulting group, to help clients and communities across the region to achieve their net-zero goals by offering sustainable and feasible solutions in the built-environment. At PwC, we believe that connected and well-functioning buildings are at the heart of any leading cognitive and sustainable city’s goals and aspirations”.

“Over this coming decade, the MENA region is forecasted to record the highest global per capita spend on infrastructure and real-estate developments (industrial, commercial, and residential), to reach a total of $XX by 2035. With numerous MENA nations committed to net-zero emissions, the development of smart and sustainable cities will no longer be an option – it is a crucial element to achieving the set-goals. Decision makers in the region will be seeking to optimize five main factors in the built-environment: quick solutions, affordability, sustainability, intelligence, and localization. The region shows great promise in this field and will undoubtedly continue to lead the way in innovation and technologically advanced solutions. {PwC spokesperson} added.

{Proposed quote for Dar Group}: “Smart cities and green building initiatives represent a significant opportunity for the region to achieve its net-zero goals and create a sustainable built-environment for future generations. We are pleased to work with PwC Middle East to host these workshops and thought leadership opportunities that will utilize the minds of experts from various backgrounds with the goal of delivering solutions that will help clients achieve their net zero targets through a low embodied carbon approach to design and engineering”.

PwC Middle East and Dar Group will be working closely in providing dedicated focus-sessions as well as a playbook including insights gathered from the hosted workshops that cater to the region’s specificities, enabling it to maximize the benefits. Some of the topics covered in the playbook will include the vision for future cities, energy carbon and the circular economy, mobility, access and connectivity, investment, risk and return, equity and living systems.