COP28 to drive higher demand for PR services in UAE, says Dubai-based Virtue PR


MENA’s PR industry projected to double its value by 2030.

Dubai, UAE, 20 September 2023: Dubai-based Virtue PR expects a rapid surge in demand for PR services in the UAE this year, with the country’s upcoming hosting of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in November. 

Virtue PR said demand growth is always expected during major international events in the country, such as Dubai Air Show, IDEX, GITEX Global, Arabian Travel Market, Big 5 among others. But COP28 may likely drive an even higher demand for PR experts given how sustainability and climate issues impact everyone, the agency added.  

“Many of the participating organizations and institutions and other concerned parties know the significance of communicating climate policies and initiatives to a broader global audience. It is a topic that affects all of us, making it imperative to timely convey accurate messages to inspire long-lasting solutions and actions on climate change,” said Firas Sleem, CEO of Virtue PR, adding: 

“The role of PR professionals is to use their expertise to raise awareness, create impactful messages, and bring to light relevant and complex climate issues using the most appropriate and engaging platforms, be it traditional media or digital channels or both. They will work towards stirring and sustaining stakeholder engagement, as well as shaping important conversations and dialogues that will impact current and future generations.” 

According to Sleem, PR agencies can help craft key messages and employ inspiring storytelling techniques that will resonate with different audiences, including policymakers, non-government organizations (NGOs), businesses, and the general public. They are also equipped to effectively implement a crisis communication plan necessary to address potential controversies. 

More than 140 heads of state, senior government leaders, and 80,000 delegates will descend on the Expo City Dubai, COP28’s venue, to tackle the latest climate-related challenges and opportunities.  They will gather to discuss the most pressing climate issues and negotiate climate policies and actions. 

The upcoming COP28 conference in the UAE represents a milestone in the global fight against climate change. As the host country, the UAE has a unique opportunity to shape public perception and inspire positive action. PR practitioners will play a pivotal role in helping ensure that this will happen, said Virtue PR.  

Sleem said: “The upcoming COP28 conference in the UAE will provide a platform for nations to showcase their climate programs and commitment to sustainability. Consequently, the eyes of the world will be on the UAE, presenting a significant opportunity to shape public perception and catalyze positive change.” 

“With their vast network and regional knowledge, PR agencies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE can work closely with national government entities, environmental organizations, and corporations to communicate initiatives that can make a difference, including renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure,” he continued. 

Firas Sleem said PR professionals will not only be responsible for organizing press conferences, media interviews, and high-profile events that emphasize the country’s climate change mitigation efforts. Beyond that, they will also play a crucial role in fostering international collaborations, attracting investments, and promoting sustainable tourism in the UAE.

The PR industry in the UAE continues to grow steadily. Across the MENA region, the industry’s value was forecasted to double by 2030 from its USD 1-billion value recorded in 2020.

The country’s diverse economy, which spans sectors such as finance, energy, real estate, hospitality, and technology, continues to contribute to the robust demand for PR services, in addition to its focus on hosting major global events, conferences, and exhibitions. 

“As the UAE continues to position itself as a global player in various sectors, the PR industry will sustain its growth trajectory, offering immense opportunities for professionals and agencies in the years to come,” Firas Sleem concluded. 

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