Countries to buy luxury cars


One of the most popular requests of motorists is in which country to buy a premium car. We have analyzed and selected for you the top 5 countries for buying luxury cars.

Top 5 countries to buy luxury cars

The markets of such countries are the most interesting for motorists to find and buy used cars:

  1. UAE.
  2. U.S.A.
  3. Germany.
  4. United Kingdom.
  5. Switzerland.

Each of these markets has specific features that make the country attractive for importing used cars. We will tell you more about the advantages of each country.


In most countries, budget and middle class cars dominate the secondary market. For those wishing to buy a business and luxury model, there are not many interesting options. The ideal place to search for and buy an expensive elite car is the UAE. The center of sale of the most prestigious brands of cars with mileage is located in Dubai. With all its advantages, cars from the Emirates are the most difficult to buy, as well as to organize the transportation of the car to your country. For this reason, it is better to use a reliable online platform – UAE auto auction – to buy a car from abroad.


Here is the largest selection of used cars, including expensive rarity models and modern premium models. The number of offers is counted in hundreds of thousands of titles. These are cars after accidents for restoration or dismantling, whole cars with minimal mileage, which owners decided to replace with a new one. These are cars with minor malfunctions and body damage. Buying a car in the USA is profitable and convenient, because here is the most developed system of online sales (there are convenient, functional auto auctions, transparent bidding system, the possibility of remote logistics management and tracking the delivery path).

The cost of a used car in America is probably the most attractive to the buyer. This is due to the huge number of offers in each category of vehicles.

Advantages of autos from the USA:

  • luxurious interior design and a rich set of electronic options;
  • original equipment (more powerful motors than in cars sold in Europe);
  • huge selection;
  • the most affordable and easy way to buy;
  • very favorable price


People come to Germany for cars with reliable running gear and good safety systems. On the secondary market of this country are presented the best models of sedans, elite sports cars of German brands with a worldwide reputation. Most often people come here for cars of local production, well known for their quality, practicality, endurance and durability.

The main advantages of cars from Germany:

  • good condition due to ideal operating conditions (maintenance, climate, roads, fuel quality);
  • simplicity and ease of import;
  • favorable prices.


Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Bentley – not a complete list of elite cars that are produced in limited series and that can be imported from the UK. Advantages of this country for buying a car:

  • transparency of information about the vehicle – the documents for the car are always in order here, and the data about the car corresponds to the real state;
  • slight wear and tear;
  • good condition as a consequence of good care and maintenance.

In the UK, you can buy cars from private individuals (via Ebay) and dealers. There are also good international auctions, where you can find suitable variants of cars, compare prices not only by country, but also with prices in the market of other European countries and the world.


Switzerland is home to mostly European brands and their best premium models. The condition of used cars sold in Switzerland is usually better than that of cars from other European countries, and the price level is about the same. It is much more interesting for a buyer to take a car in perfect technical condition.

Why are cars in Switzerland sold in good condition?

  1. Service and repair of the car are carried out only at authorized service stations.
  2. Strictness with regard to car maintenance and servicing is the reason why owners will never use a vehicle in the presence of malfunctions. Such a vehicle is immediately sent to a service station.

By the way, this factor is the reason for the sale on the secondary market of cars that have not been in an accident, but simply have some faults and require minor repairs. The fact is that it is more profitable for the owner to sell his car, which is 3-5 years old, than to pay a rather high cost for its repair.