COYA Dubai partners with Egyptian artist Farida Abushady to celebrate International Women’s Day, empower local artists and mark the Peruvian brand’s 10-year anniversary


Dubai, UAE: In honour of International Women’s Day, COYA Dubai is delighted to collaborate with Egyptian artist Farida Abushady and showcase her latest fine art series, ‘Mother Nature’.

Born in Saudi, raised in Dubai, Farida is a talented artist, jewellery designer and founder of the creative consultancy The Art Wheel Co.

After welcoming her first child, her latest fine art collection is inspired by nature, motherhood, and her deep admiration towards the beauty, strength, and grace of women. The ‘Mother Nature’ series will be showcased at COYA Dubai for the first time from March 8, 2022, featuring eight bold and colourful paintings that are designed to celebrate women in all their glory.

Speaking about her new exhibition, Farida Abushady says: “This year has definitely been life changing for me. Experiencing pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood has sparked a fire in me and made me feel stronger than ever. I was reborn the day I gave birth to my son. I now carry a new perspective on life, and I feel so honoured and proud to be a woman. My upcoming series, ‘Mother Nature’ features diverse women of all ethnic backgrounds depicted alongside nature and vibrant, uplifting colours.”

Farida Abushady is also collaborating with COYA for the brand’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.

Celebrating a decade since the opening of its flagship venue in Mayfair London in 2012, the lively Pisco bar and restaurant is coming together with every COYA across the world and collaborating with local artists on a special global activation.

Providing a creative way of embodying the magic of COYA and its unique Peruvian spirit, all nine COYA restaurants are uniting global artists and asking them to come together and decorate a series of beautiful glass Pisco Jars. Found in the Pisco bar, within the Pisco library and containing Peru’s famed pisco infusions, the worldwide activation symbolises the COYA brand’s dedication to supporting and uplifting local artistic talents, and of course the allure of the Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru and COYA’s most famous and iconic beverage.

COYA Dubai launched their Pisco jar activation by commissioning Dubai-based artist Anna McKeown, through the brand collaboration platform The Caviar Spoon, to paint and decorate five jars. Now, Farida Abushady is delighted to join the project as well and create her own vibrant and beautiful jars for COYA Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

With the official 10-year anniversary of COYA coming up on 12th November 2022, more special birthday events and activations at COYA Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be announced very soon.

The collection from Farida Abushady is available to view and purchase at COYA Dubai from now until May 2022. 


Adorned with colourful Incan-inspired art works and luscious greenery, COYA Dubai is one of the most vibrant, exciting and eclectic hotspots in the city.

Located in the heart of the Restaurant Village at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai, COYA Dubai takes guests on a journey through the enticing cuisine and charming culture of Peru. Infused with the unique DNA of the iconic COYA brand and known for its Ritual parties, lively brunches and flavoursome authentic cuisine, it provides an immersive escape from reality like no other.

Always an upbeat and thrilling, the elegant ambiance is lifted with tribal beats and atmospheric house mixes from the brand’s world-renowned DJs.

Further cementing its position as one of the region’s brightest culinary jewels, COYA Dubai was recently ranked 13th on the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants list 2022.

Boasting an exclusive Members’ Club, stunning Pisco Bar and beautiful dining room, the award-winning COYA Dubai continues to make waves throughout the region and beyond.