Crocodile Feeding at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Emirates Park Zoo and Resort’s residents Dundee and Ashanti are not your typical pets, but have become the star attraction of the zoo. The two saltwater, Nile crocodiles and their caretaker Harry are preparing to welcome guests with an interactive feeding session designed to turn up the excitement of children and adults alike.

Under the expertise of crocodile specialist Stuart King, both Dundee and Ashanti have smoothly socialized into its natural habitat and new home set in Emirates Park Zoo’s Animal Paradise section. Both Dundee and Ashanti are currently undergoing training with the diligent staff of Emirates Park Zoo, to receive guests for the feeding sessions that will open shortly. The feeding program will take place daily at the enclosure that has been specially built to ensure the safety of the visitors and the crocodiles.

Harry, the head keeper of the reptile house who oversaw the crocodiles’ training, transfer and will conduct the feeding sessions introduced them with a statement, “Dundee is our male who is sized at an impressive 3.5m in length and weighs 150kgs. His mate Ashanti is slightly smaller at 2.5m and is approximately 100kgs heavy. I will oversee our guests who will stand on a platform above the crocodile enclosure, from where we will be feeding Dundee and Ashanti”.

“They share a unique bond with each other and are comfortable in their new home. I’m excited to share this new experience with guests,” he concluded.

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About Emirates Park Zoo and Resort:

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, Abu Dhabi is located on the Abu Dhabi – Dubai highway, 30 minutes away from Abu Dhabi and only two minutes from Formula F1 assembly point. The resort is the first establishment in the UAE with an adjoined private zoo. Their initiative is to put Abu Dhabi on the global tourist destination without compromising on the environment and at the same time conserving nature.

A day spent at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, will give a whole new definition about a convenient and relaxed stay. The blend of superior accommodations, services, modern amenities and lively atmosphere makes for the ideal vacation. The commitment of the resort is to ensure that visitors have a quality time in a healthy atmosphere. In a child friendly, safe environment, the zoo allows guests to not only see and interact with the animals but also to touch them.

The zoo houses a Giraffe Park, Snake Alley, Bonnet Water Tank and a Mandrill Monkey House that is backed by the leading Parking Operator of the Middle East, Zone Parking Solutions. A star attraction of the establishment, the Elephant Enclosure, is sponsored by product powerhouse Abu Dhabi Coop.

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort houses seven cafes and a recent refurbished restaurant that offers a wide array of dishes, cooked to perfection. The rooms are air conditioned with a private balcony that offers a spectacular view. All rooms come with wireless internet and satellite TV.