CSR UAE Fund drives international humanitarian goals at EXPO 2020 Summit


Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and Commissioner General of Expo 2020 Dubai inaugurated the International Humanitarian Summit 2022 at Dubai Exhibition Centre in Expo 2020 Dubai where CSR UAE Fund joined global representatives in the sustainability field to discuss the essential need to move beyond silos to working in partnerships to create a better tomorrow. 

 As one of the final gatherings of the six-month long event, it was a fitting subject for the globally focused Expo, under the title “Building a Strong Humanitarian Society for a Better World”.

The event saw Chief of Sustainability and Competitiveness at CSR UAE, Dana Kamali, join other world-leading experts in the field in a panel discussion on the primary role of the government and private sectors in creating better humanitarian society through partnerships moderated by Professor Dima Rachid Jamali, Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Sharjah.

Dana Kamali says: “This Summit marks a milestone in working towards global cooperation and unity in creating a sustainable future. It represents a chance for private and public sector organisations to magnify their sustainable impact.” 

The Chief of Sustainability and Competitiveness adds: “CSR UAE plays a crucial role in this field as the federal arm governing CSR and sustainable impact for the UAE by launching National Priority Projects, verifying sustainability and CSR projects, and certifying and rewarding entities that excel in ESGs and SDGs. Our goal is to develop a purpose-driven eco-system in the UAE by bringing together stakeholders from across government, business and the community to help drive sustainable growth. Increasingly, we are seeing that businesses can be a force for change, and together, their efforts can drive and magnify positive change in the world.”

“The UAE has a strong, clear mission in its sustainability goals defined through the country’s national priorities and aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals guiding entities to come together under unified goals.” 

“With this in mind, attending events such as the International Humanitarian Summit helps us to create a platform for change, driven by global knowledge sharing, setting benchmarks, and creating frameworks for action, developing strong partnerships and, of course, identifying opportunities for positive change.” 

“The Summit was a useful opportunity to hear from fellow panellists from Microsoft, the Syria Recovery Trust Fund, AB InBev Foundation and Mediclinic Middle East. From a sustainability and CSR perspective, it was interesting to hear how leading organisations such as these choose when and how to invest to ensure their efforts achieve maximum impact,” she adds.

During the event, delegates heard from a stellar group of global influencers, including Zondwa Mandela, Chairman, Mandela Legacy Foundation, Mageed Yahia, Director, WFP GCC Office, and Valerie Nkamgang Bemo, Deputy Director, Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The event aligns with CSR UAE’s vision of establishing the UAE as a global driver of sustainable impact – where successful organizations associate their own growth and success with the value they create for people and the planet.

Sheikh Nahyan thanked all for being part of this important work. He concluded: “Your discussions, your insights and your findings will contribute significantly to peace and humanity throughout the world.”

About CSR UAE Fund 

A federal authority setting the framework and governance for Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE while managing and directing contributions from the business sector towards National Priority initiatives. It has metrics in place to rank and reward active businesses in CSR on a country level. Furthermore, it is an enabler for relevant authorities to enhance and regulate socially responsible practices within corporations and business entities.