Curiosity and passion key to crafting great customer experiences, say experts at SIS2020


Yegertek, a Dubai-based brand engagement and customer loyalty solutions provider was the official loyalty and customer engagement partner at the three-day Supermarket Innovation Summit (SIS2020), and chaired a session on “Deconstructing Loyalty”

Sajid Azmi, CEO of Yegertek

Dubai, UAE: Yegertek, a Dubai-based brand engagement and customer loyalty solutions provider, participated in the online edition of Supermarket Innovation Summit (SIS2020) and chaired a panel on customer loyalty and engagement. The panelists included Mark Lack, CEO of Urban Foods LLC, Saleh AlTunaib, CEO of Oncost and Mohd. Sohel, CEO of EKK Group.

Participants at the three-day summit, which had an overarching theme of ‘Mapping the Future of Food Retail’, included several industry stalwarts. Yegertek had the distinction of being the official loyalty and engagement partner, and other sponsors and partners included SAP (customer experience partner), EY (knowledge sponsor) and Emerson Electric (official cold-chain sponsor).

SIS2020 follows a productive period in the retail industry, marked by meteoric growth in ecommerce and increased focus on omni-channel customer experiences. Such dynamism has also led to additional responsibilities and new challenges, and the summit provided a timely opportunity to brainstorm and achieve better clarity.

“For an analytics-driven transformer with a digital-first approach, Yegertek’s participation underpins how digitization is closely tied with customer experiences in the modern retail ecosystem,” said Sajid Azmi, CEO of Yegertek. “With increasingly tech-savvy consumers, loyalty has become a two-way street, demanding a higher level of engagement between brands and customers across multiple interaction points.”

Sajid’s sentiments echo Yegertek’s motto: ‘Better CX for better loyalty’. The company is leveraging the power of IoT, AI and deep-dive analytics, to champion digital transformation in the retail industry with superior CRM and loyalty solutions. Yegertek’s valuable take on experience-driven customer engagement was among the chief talking points from the summit. According to the panelists, brands need to:

  • Define clear loyalty objectives, while ensuring that communication is transparent across the board — from the c-suite to the front-line staff.
  • Invest in their customers, so they can command their loyalty, as ROI.
  • Focus on acquisition, activation, usage, retention and growth. But also keep it simple.
  • Know their niche and customers, and strategize accordingly.
  • Realize that data is crucial, but not at the expense of passion and curiosity.

Commenting on the success of SIS2020, Biju Krishnan, Head of Projects from Symmachia – Organizers of SIS2020, said the positive takeaways from this year’s online edition are a testament to how seamlessly we are transitioning into the new normal. “Thanks to all sponsors and panelists, for their active—if not physical—participation in making SIS2020 a success. This year’s discussions will help brands chart a roadmap that can help them drive a demonstrable and desirable value to customers,” Biju Krishnan added.

Sajid Azmi of Yegertek laid out the company’s ambitious expansion plans and solutions in the works, saying, “we are constantly striving for excellence in customer engagement and taking our transformative solutions to new markets. Yegertek is inspired by the prospects of digital-led loyalty and customer experiences in the future of retail, and we see ourselves as pioneers in this domain.”

About Yegertek:

Yegertek, which derives its name from the German word for warrior, leverages the Microsoft CRM ecosystem, emerging technologies in Machine Learning, AI, Chatbots and Beacons, as well as an evolved strategic approach, in pursuit of its ambition to be a globally preferred solution provider in brand engagement and customer loyalty. Yegertek seeks to transcend legacy solutions by bridging the divide between technical capacities and strategic deployment. Yegertek takes a big-picture approach, which reconciles technical capabilities with domain specific insights, with a view to deliver omni-channel, cross functional and comprehensive value to businesses, across the entire customer engagement lifecycle.