DBWC’s Executive Accelerator Programme attracts international experts to share startup insights

  • The 6-week programme featured 12 training workshops organized within 4 stages of theoretical and practical training.
  • From launching, to managing, and developing projects, as well as enhancing the digital and smart presence of companies, four training phases were completed. 
  • The programme represents an innovative solution designed to address the challenges in the labor market and is specifically tailored for DBWC members.


The Executive Accelerator Programme, launched earlier this year by the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) in partnership with New Metrics, a specialized consultancy firm, and Reach Digital Works, has successfully concluded. 

A closing ceremony was organized by the DBWC to honor participants in the six-weeks programme. During the event, attendees had the opportunity to reflect on the key lessons they had learned, which helped them enhance their ability to launch, develop, and advance their projects. They also exchanged ideas and experiences on various business accelerator topics.

The 12-workshop programme was exclusively available to DBWC members participating in the 5th cycle of the Mentorship Program and was structured into four distinct training phases: launching, managing, developing projects, and enhancing companies’ digital and smart presence. 

The first-of-its-kind initiative in the region aimed to provide council members with specialized training that addresses their actual needs and offers solutions to the challenges identified during their participation in the 5th cycle of the mentorship programme.

In the third phase of the programme, an interactive workshop was conducted to educate participants on securing financing for emerging projects, financial literacy, and best practices for presenting successful funding proposals. Additionally, a realistic competition and live demonstration were organized in front of a training committee consisting of investors with banking and investment backgrounds to evaluate the participants’ potential in convincing investors to fund their proposed ideas for emerging projects.

The programme also provided comprehensive coverage of a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to identifying target audiences and acquiring new clients, customer journey planning to ensure desired outcomes, generating innovative ideas, and creating and scaling up businesses. 

It also shed light on optimizing financial resources to obtain high revenues at low costs, and covered key areas such as marketing strategies, negotiation and persuasion tactics, and creating positive customer experiences.

 Additionally, the training explored crucial topics like developing a governance model, creating key performance indicators (KPIs), managing growth and expansion, evaluating and leveraging partnerships, promoting leadership methodologies, and developing effective decision-making processes. Participants also received guidance on the importance of creating and maintaining a strong digital presence, covering aspects such as website management and digital marketing.

Facilitators and experts from abroad also joined the training programme remotely to share their ideas, experiences, and knowledge on establishing startups and specifically highlight the lessons they learned during the stages of launching their first startup projects.

The programme’s true value lies in its capability to bolster the prospects of participants securing the vital backing needed to kickstart and cultivate their projects such as procuring funding, honing their skills and expertise, along with fostering business connections, receiving instruction, and adjusting to bespoke technical solutions tailored to the project and its services.

The training programme was made even more exceptional by the involvement of a team of experts and specialists from “New Metrics” company who oversaw the program. In addition, “Reach Digital Works” provided specialized training on corporate digital space to the participants. New Metrics is a prominent experience management consultancy with a strong presence across the EMEA region.

Established in 2002 under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Dubai Business Women Council is the UAE’s leading platform for the personal and professional development of business women in the Emirate of Dubai. It aims to support female entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the world of business. The Council plays a vital role in enhancing the contribution of women to the country’s economy and promoting economic development in all sectors of the business community.

Executive Accelerator Programme:

As a part of its commitment to supporting members in the 5th cycle of the DBWC mentorship program, the Dubai Business Women Council has launched the Executive Accelerator Programme to equip council members with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. The programme aimed to accelerate business growth and development by utilizing a unique training model that combines theoretical and practical training as well as the business accelerator approach. Moreover, the programme sought to boost the contribution of female entrepreneurs to the country’s economy, and promote innovation and competitiveness in the business community in Dubai.