Déjà Vu Real Estate, one of Dubai’s leading brokerage firms, signs Yegertek, for AI-led business transformation

Management team Yegertek & Deja Vu - Sajid Azmi, Akif Shaikh, Saiqa Amir, Mohammed Zain, Ahid Shaikh

Ahid Shaikh, Saiqa Amir and Akif Shaikh, partners at Déjà Vu, today announced that Yegertek will come on board to create a one-of-a-kind customer engagement interface, for AI-led transformation of the customer experience their firm delivers.

Management team Yegertek & Deja Vu – Sajid Azmi, Akif Shaikh, Saiqa Amir, Mohammed Zain, Ahid Shaikh

Dubai, UAE: Dubai-based real estate brokerage firm, Déjà vu Real Estate, announced today that it has engaged Yegertek, a leading customer engagement and analytics driven transformer, to implement a comprehensive digital transformation. The tie-up seeks to develop technologies that leverage data to unlock profitability, and revolutionize the user experience of the real estate sales force – giving them instant access to insights and tools, for agile customer engagement.

Déjà Vu Real Estate are an award winning firm with a history of robust engagement with top Dubai based developers, such Emaar, Dubai Properties, Nshama, Meraas, Dubai Select and Damac, among others. The brokerage firm’s decision to undertake this digital transformation is driven by a consensus vision shared by its top management team – including CEO Ahid Shaikh, Saiqa Amir and Akif Shaikh.

“Real estate has become global, and a modern brokerage firm needs to respond quickly to clients, no matter where they are located”, says Akif Shaikh, Director, Déjà Vu Real Estate. “Anyone who does not take data seriously, and is not proactively working on the adoption of technology in Sales, Marketing and HR, will not be able to survive long. Yegertek’s involvement will drive a 360 degree transformation of Déjà Vu’s business model, by introducing advanced algorithms for functions as varied as Customer Engagement, Marketing, Leads, empowering Agents, Finance and HR”.

Déjà Vu Real Estate’s digital transformation initiative reflects wider market trends, which substantiate a consensus around digital analytics, as a key part of future-ready business strategy. 71% of the respondents to a recent global survey expected their organization to accelerate investment in tech-enabled analytics, over the next 3 years. And 41% of these organizations were considering moving to Cloud-based analytics, within a year.

“Yegertek has cracked the customer engagement code, by leveraging the power of AI, Deep Data Analytics, IoT and other emerging tech”, says Mohammed Zain, Director Consulting, Yegertek. “We are looking to transform customer focused-sectors to their 2.0 version, by deploying transformative and complete customer engagement platforms”.

The Déjà Vu partnership underscores Yegertek’s continued evolution as a service provider, and the company has big plans to continue expanding its services and footprint in 2021. “We are actively engaged as solution providers in a transformation currently underway in the Saudi and UAE markets, in the customer engagement space”, Zain continues.

“We are making inroads into the European market, and have just completed a customer engagement program for a huge European robotics company, as well as one for the no 1 ride sharing app in Malta. Our next step will be to go for a round of growth funding, and in the context of the real estate segment, Yegertek is working on new technology platforms that can increase efficiency within the industry, through the use of deep analytics, AI, IoT, and high-level customization to meet the needs of our clients”, Zain concludes.

About Déjà vu:

Established in 2006, Deja Vu Real Estate is a leading real estate firm in the Middle East, offering comprehensive and professional property services to corporations, investors and individuals across the globe. Known for its superior service and experience, Déjà Vu Real Estate is affiliated with some of the region’s largest real estate organisations, and has an extensive portfolio of property listings and investment opportunities in Dubai and abroad. As one of the few EMAAR registered brokers, the company also regularly works with prominent developers, including Nakheel and Dubai Properties, to name a few.

About Yegertek:

Yegertek, which derives its name from the German word for warrior, leverages the Microsoft CRM ecosystem, emerging technologies in Machine Learning, AI, Chatbots and Beacons, as well as an evolved strategic approach, in pursuit of its ambition to be a globally preferred solution provider in brand engagement and customer loyalty. Yegertek seeks to transcend legacy solutions by bridging the divide between technical capacities and strategic deployment. Yegertek takes a big-picture approach, which reconciles technical capabilities with domain specific insights, with a view to deliver omni-channel, cross functional and comprehensive value to businesses, across the entire customer engagement lifecycle.