DEOS AG – A German building automation system manufacturer celebrates first year of success in Dubai


DEOS Middle East FZCO, a subsidiary of German building automation system manufacturer celebrated first year of success in Dubai. Having been in and around the region for a decade, DEOS AG formally established as DEOS Middle East FZCO, in last February during the wake of pandemic.

DEOS AG CEO Mr. Stefan Plueth visited Dubai to celebrate 1st year of success with team and partners said., “we have been known for our niche product and solution in Europe and worldwide. Dubai and region always impress me with its technological innovations and acceptance of up-to-date technological innovation. DEOS being a firm promoter of Modern IOT technologies and wireless solution LoRaWAN in building automation sector, we look forward to growing rapidly with our middle eastern subsidiary in Dubai. We have our next generation product, which will be few hundred times faster in performance than its previous generation, which is what we believe is the need of the market”.

DEOS Middle East General manager Mr. Mohammad Shereef said, “it has been fascinating 2021 for us , even though the market fluctuated with pandemic , we were able to establish ourselves strongly and positively with serving customer like governmental entities , Aramco, Emirates Catering (where worlds largest vertical farm environment to be regulated with DEOS system, which about to go live in few months) etc. Thanks to our strong and performing system partner”.

Mr. Sandeep Rawat, a DEOS System partner who were also present to rejoice the success with principle said, “DEOS has unique products and solution, to which we have been able to create its own market verticals and we look forward to growing together by providing state of the art solutions to our customer. As a service provider in the region DEOS always impresses us with its energy efficiency and smart innovation”. 

Lately DEOS has been aggressively pushing modern IOT technologies, digital twins in the building automation sector. Also, one of the first manufacturer in the building automation sector to offer practical LoRaWAN solutions facilitate the digitization of existing building.