Abu Dhabi: The Department of Municipalities and Transport has announced the release of a new service that allows owners to install outdoor parking shades in residential areas.

The Parking Shades Permit  follows rules and standards that align with DMT’s regulatory guides and takes effect from the 7 October 2021 with a grace period, if it is necessary to remedy the shape or design of existing parking shades, until 7 October, 2022. 

The new service is part of the DMT’s strategy to further develop the image of Abu Dhabi and organize its infrastructure to contribute to the sustainable development of residential communities and facilities.

The service details the mandatory regulations for existing parking shades and those under construction outside of the confines of residential plots across all residential areas in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The new service can be used quickly and easily through the DMT’s digital services platform(Smart Hub), after ensuring that all regulations and specifications listed in are applied, including the drawings and documentation detailed in the submission template available on the service platform.

The application form must be submitted by owners who have already obtained an accredited parking permit. Owners must also apply for the renewal of the existing parking authorization for the area outside of the residential plot before the expiration date of the old one.

The new service requires a fee of AED1,000 for a new parking shade license and AED200 for the renewal of the parking space license. The owner of the license is exempted from paying the mentioned fees if he/she has already obtained a final license for the completion of the beautification of residential plots.

The Department urges Abu Dhabi residents to comply with the new  measures to avoid being fined in accordance with Law No. 16 of 2009 that regulates construction in Abu Dhabi and protects the city’s overall appearance and the safety of its residents.

The new service specifies certain general and private criteria for the planning and design of parking shades and their locationes. These specifications are intended to maintain the safety and security of Abu Dhabi’s communities as well as maintain a positive city image.

The service outlines certain design criteria that provide flexibility in the design of car canopies while maintaining an aesthetic that fits in with the urban development of the different cities and regions within the Emirate.

About Department of Municipalities and Transport:

The Department of Municipalities and Transportation (DMT) was established by Law No. 30 of 2019 and is the entity responsible for managing the urban planning and transport sectors, and three regional municipalities.

As the entity responsible for supporting the growth and urban development of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, the DMT guides, regulates and monitors urban development activities. The expert authority improves municipal work to provide comprehensive services and creates higher living standards for residents through the supervision and management of the municipalities.

The DMT ensures the highest standards of safety, security, sustainability and technological developments of land, air and maritime transport networks of the Emirate, in line with the highest international standards and UAE legislation.

One of the DMT’s top priorities is to fulfil the vision of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, which draws on the vision of our UAE Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.