Di’Gerari Launches Luxury Burtani Range At Dubai Modest Fashion Week


Dubai, UAE – Our World of Style (OWS) is proud to announce the launch of its new designer luxury modest swimwear brand, Di’Gerari, with multiple events taking place during Dubai Modest Fashion Week.

Di’Gerari specializes in tan-through burkinis known as “burtanis.” Utilizing a patented material that protects against harmful UVB rays, the fabric is ultra-light, quick-drying, and breathable, allowing healthy UVA rays to reach the skin. These innovative designs minimize tan lines and let the skin breathe – allowing the wearer to shine bright in the sun.

Di’Gerari eco-friendly products use 100% regenerated nylon yarn, enabling a closed-loop recycling economy. Di’Gerari also practices socially-responsible economic models that hold the company accountable for the social standards involved in all aspects of sourcing and production.

Founder of Di’Gerari Khadija Gerar states: “Di’Gerari is committed to enabling the luxury of choice. It is choosing to do good for yourself, to allow yourself to feel good, while also knowing that you are doing good. There are precious few products in the world that support a combination of luxury, health, and altruism. Di’Gerari aims to change that. We are happy to be able to play such an active role in supporting such positive changes in the modest fashion industry.”

About  Di’Gerari:

Di’Gerari is a boutique modest-wear label combining sophisticated style and unique designs with the best materials available. Designed with passion in Dubai, we produce our high-quality luxury in Morocco from Italian and German fabrics and ship them worldwide. Each piece utilizes sustainable, comfortable, high-quality materials – letting you shine bright in the sun – while supporting women worldwide.

About OWS:

OWS is a global online boutique and an authorized distributor of international luxury brands, offering fashion, watches, jewelry, and accessories.