Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Join Foxyskin as it swaps lights for candles in vision of a brighter, more sustainable future in partnership with O’right, the carbon neutral and sustainable Taiwanese haircare brand stocked at Foxyskin. Earth Hour isn’t just an hour for the Earth, it is a movement in progression of the betterment of the future, our planet, and its people. 

With this year’s theme being Nature & Biodiversity, Foxyskin, the largest platform for natural, premium skincare products, has joined hands with O’right and the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition inviting everyone in the UAE to join in and help spread the message on the importance of protecting the environment, driving awareness towards climate change and how rapidly it is disrupting the ecosystem.

Foxyskin is also actively running a social media campaign, encouraging participants to post videos of themselves promoting the message of conserving electricity on March 26th by switching off all non-essential lights for a complete 1 hour between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm, whilst also encouraging change towards long-term behavioral patterns to be more eco and environment conscious, and drawing attention to the constant climate crisis.

Are you ready to participate? Tag Foxyskin on @foxyskin.me.ae to share your experience of gratification and satisfaction by displaying a simple yet powerful gesture. SWITCH OFF on the March 26th for a better tomorrow!

Foxyskin offers a wide range of premium, vegan, and organic skincare products that can be purchased through their website.

About Foxyskin: 

Founded in 2020, Foxy Skin is a project of passion to bring together the best in organic skincare the world has to offer. The beauty industry is rife with an overwhelming variety of formulations and skincare routines. Foxyskin strives to bring consumers skincare solutions that guarantee success and deliver the promises they make, while being natural, organic and sustainable. Making planet-friendly purchases isn’t always easy. Here, Foxyskin simplifies the world of sustainable beauty.