Discover a world of exceptional and rare natural oils at Aroma Tierra’s flagship store in the UAE


** The new store boasts exceptional design, access to skilled brand experts and a comprehensive selection of premium natural & organic oils for a unique experience**

Aroma Tierra, the premium beauty and wellness brand has recently debuted its flagship boutique in the heart of Dubai at City Centre Mirdif. Serving as a gateway into the world of aromatherapy, skincare, and wellness, the new store is a boon to the UAE’s clean beauty and wellness enthusiasts, and will cater to the increasing demand for an elevated in-person shopping experience.

The boutique is the epicentre of the Aroma Tierra story, bringing to life its passion for unmatched quality and the unique and memorable experience it seeks to immerse its customers in. An opulent space welcomes its guests, the ambience seemingly transporting the mind to nature with its comforting ethereal atmosphere. Interactive displays let visitors explore this world of naturals, and well-trained staff help customers identify and select the products best suited to their needs. Another in-store unique feature is a comprehensive ‘shop-by-concern menu’ that visitors can refer to get the best recommendations for their concerns in skincare, haircare, beard care, wellness, relaxation, home care, perfumery, and others.

Aroma Tierra’s showcased range of products include organic and natural oils for use on the face, the hair, the body, and even for the skincare needs of children. It also showcases a comprehensive line catering to general wellness such as sleep-aid, cold-relief, headache, pain-relief, skin-conditions, etc.. With a display of more than 150 essential oils and over 30 pure face and body oils, one is spoilt for choice. Its extraordinarily special collection contains rare essential oils such as Agarwood (Oud), Sandalwood, and Omani Frankincense, in addition to the popular ones such as Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Bergamot, and Lemongrass, among others. In addition, miracle oils such as Tamanu, Prickly Pear, Rose Hip and Black Seed are also available. Aroma Tierra also offers a range of tasteful and eco-friendly aroma diffusers and nebulizers, and an exquisite travertine stone candle-burner. 

About Aroma Tierra:

Founded in 2016, Aroma Tierra is global wellness brand that provides premium quality plant-based oils with maximum therapeutic benefits. Aroma Tierra range of products include organic oils for use on the face, the hair, the body, general wellness purposes, and even for the skincare needs of children. The brand offers 150+ oils from over 35 countries where plants grow in their most natural habitat. The company uses best possible extraction methods including cold-pressing for body oils and steam distillation for essential oils, and avoids any form of post-processing such as refining, deodorizing, or decolorizing. No additives, solvents, chemicals, or preservatives are used in the manufacturing process. In the UAE, Aroma Tierra products are available at its flagship store in City Centre Mirdif.