DJI introduces bundle of 17 laws according to latest amendments

  • Society’s legal awareness is enhanced within the framework of ‘With Knowledge, We Prepare for the Next 50’ initiative.
  • Publications are available for purchase through DJI’s sales outlets.
HE Justice Dr Jamal Al Sumaiti, Director General of DJI

Dubai, UAE: Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) issued a bundle of 17 federal laws within the series of legislations and laws for the UAE, including all the legislations that have recently been modified. This comes within the framework of the ‘With Knowledge, We Prepare for the Next 50’ initiative that was launched by DJI in November 2020, attracting the attention of many institutions and external delegations as well as strengthening DJI’s vital role in enhancing legal awareness in society.

The new publications confirm DJI’s keenness to spread legal and judicial culture among the concerned authorities and the general public alike. The list of publications includes the following amended laws: Personal Status Law, Evidence in Civil and Commercial Transactions Law, Criminal Procedural Law (Penal Procedures Law), Civil Procedures Law (Civil Procedure Code), UAE Traffic Law, Child Rights Law – Wadimah, Penal Law, UAE Labour Law, Commercial Companies Law, Bankruptcy Law, UAE Arbitration Law, Cyber Crime Law, Commercial Transactions Law, Insolvency Law, Civil Transactions Law, Medical Liability Law, and the laws on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism and financing of illegal organisations.

HE Justice Dr Jamal Al Sumaiti, Director General of DJI, commented: “DJI has made qualitative leaps and clear developments in its training and knowledge path, becoming a regional hub for legal and judicial excellence. We are proud of our membership at Emirates Publishers Association as it aligns with our constant commitment to creativity in the fields of legal knowledge, the books we publish, and anything related to the UAE’s laws and legislation. We continuously strive to provide our latest publications to all parties, especially those working in or studying law, to not only disseminate legal knowledge about laws and their amendments but also contribute to assisting society members in getting acquainted with new amendments to the UAE’s laws and legislations, thereby enhancing our role in spreading legal culture in society.”

Al Sumaiti added: “We always look forward to launching projects and initiatives to enhance DJI’s leading position, especially by launching CSR initiatives related to laws and making them available to the Emirati community through various traditional and digital communication channels to enhance communication with the relevant groups and highlight our role in this field.”

DJI provides its full inventory of printed publications via the sales points at DJI’s headquarters during the official working hours (7:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.). DJI will also provide these publications at a later time, released on a weekly basis, electronically through its electronic publishing initiative.

The ‘With Knowledge, We Prepare for the Next 50’ initiative achieved remarkable success. DJI provided 49 hard copies and one electronic portfolio for AED 49 over seven working days to celebrate the 49th National Day during which the UAE’s principles and values are commemorated.

In tandem to launching and promoting the new publications, DJI organised a seminar for legal professionals titled ‘Amendments in the Civil Transactions Law – The First Session’ under the supervision of Judge Mustafa Al-Sharqawi. The session was held virtually on Tuesday, 9 February and included two topics, ‘Finding a Solution to the Problems of Dividing Common Money,’ and ‘The Effect of Amendments to the Civil Transactions Law on the Personal Status Law.’ The next session will be held on Tuesday, 16 February 2021.