Dr. Ali Keivanjah successfully treats a life threatening case of “Traumatic Aorta Transection” by implementing a new method

Dr. Ali Keivanjah a vascular and endovascular consultant, Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Surgeons at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi, one of the region’s leading private healthcare facilities handled 999 patient case with a critical, never done before procedure led by Dr. Ali Keivanjah, a vascular and endovascular consultant.

 Following a massive car collision, the patient, H.A arrived with a chest Injury after a long night shift and sustained a life threatening “Traumatic Aorta Transection”. The patient was admitted to the hospital, suffering from shortness of breath and was slightly hypotensive. A chest xray revealed a pneumothorox on the right side. 

After stabilization of the patient, Dr. Ali Keivanjah performed extensive diagnostics including multiple CT Angio’s of Thorax and Abdomen, which then revealed a massive step-up deformity of the abdominal aorta suprarenal with a localized hematoma periotic at the transection level with no sign of active bleeding. 

Dr. Ali Keivanjah said, “We placed a chest tube on the right side and performed a MR Angio of abdomen aorta subsequently which confirmed a massive aortic transection suprarenal with a step-up deformity at the level of main intestinal and kidney arteries combined with a life-threatening rupturing of abdominal aorta and potential fetal bleeding. Due to the narrowing of aorta lumen at the transection level, implantation of a fenestrated aortic endograft was technically not feasible.” 

The patient H. A said, “I was not keen on any sort of open surgery or hybrid operation and I am glad that after thorough planning, Dr. Ali came up with a new solution that suited both of us.“ 

After meticulous planning Dr. Ali Keivanjah implemented a new method which has never been done before worldwide, in terms of implanting a Self-Expanding Stent with flexible Open-Cell Design at suprarenal and intrarenal level of Aorta. The procedure was performed in the Cath-Lab under general Anesthesia by implanting above stent, which stabilized abdominal aorta and also secured blood circulation of intestinal and kidney arteries simultaneously. 

Both procedural and post procedural courses were completely successful. After 24 hours monitoring on the ICU patient was then transferred to peripheral ward and was discharged on day 3 postoperative. A Follow-up appointment was scheduled on day 7 postoperative in our vascular clinic which was showing an absolute satisfactory recovery.

About Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi: 

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