Dr. Sarah Rasmi launches Thrive in 5 for corporates


Online platform makes the pursuit of wellbeing more accessible

Dr Sarah Rasmi, licensed psychologist and managing director of Thrive Wellbeing Centre

Dubai: Thrive in 5 is a brand-new platform – and a first in the UAE – to help us all invest in our mental health, social relationships and professional development. Created by Dr Sarah Rasmi, licensed psychologist and managing director of Thrive Wellbeing Centre, Thrive in 5 offers short courses as a subscription service to organizations looking to support their employees through a cost-effective, self-paced, flexible program tackling the major issues that people are facing in their personal and professional lives. Thrive in 5 is launching as a corporate service. Individuals will be able to sign up for their own subscription later in the year.

In the past year many of us have sought mental health support or some form of help. Face-to-face consultations however can be prohibitively expensive for some, and others do are not comfortable with venturing outside quite yet.  Thrive in 5 is a set of online courses, either five minutes, or five modules that are practical, efficient, affordable and evidence-based.  The courses enable us access to mental health and wellbeing support, personal development and self-help surrounding common mental health challenges from the comfort of our own homes without anyone knowing what we are doing.

Dr Sarah Rasmi said: “Of course, we still offer traditional online and in-person therapy but I ultimately developed this programme in response to the large number of corporate requests that I have been receiving. Organizations have really seen how important and precious our mental health is and so many of them – small, medium, large, multinational – have been in touch over the last year to roll something out to their entire organization.

The main challenge is that these programmes can be quite expensive, people can be reluctant to utilize employee assistance programs because of confidentiality, especially during a time when many are feeling insecure about their job and financial security. Thrive in 5 addresses these issues by offering a cost-effective solution that incorporates evidence-based self-help tools that people can use to tackle the challenges they are facing at work and at home. The course topics at launch were informed by the major themes and challenges that we have been hearing from organizations over the last year.”

Courses include: Managing Anxiety, Perfectionism, Avoiding and Managing Burnout, Communicating as a Couple, Improving Memory & Learning, Self-Care, Tackling Procrastination, and Being a Body Confident Role Model. New courses will be added regularly.  Annual subscription fees start from $120 per person.


Thrive was founded in 2018 by Dr Sarah Rasmi. Now a team of 13, they are a group of specialized psychiatrists and psychologists who know that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that social relationships are the key to our well-being. Thrive’s mission is to help its clients accomplish their goals, while supporting them in a warm, empathic, and judgment-free way.

Thrive Wellbeing Centre believes in the power of science and evidence-based treatment options and combine the latest research and best practice with client’s values to give them best tools for themselves. In March 2020 Thrive opened the UAE’s first maternal mental health unit.

In April 2021, Thrive Wellbeing launched Thrive in 5, an online, accessible and affordable platform for mental health and personal development for individuals and corporates alike.

Thrive in 5 offers organization-wide subscriptions. The annual subscription cost is $120 per employee (less than half the price of one individual therapy session). We also offer bulk, enterprising, and education pricing. Each employee will have their own login details that they can use to access and complete the courses in their own times. New courses will be added regularly.