du prioritizes digital well-being to empower specific UAE community segments as part of new sustainability approach

  • The coming two years will witness the telco support children and people of determination through internet safety and digital upskilling educational activities 
  • du’s efforts will help to eliminate digital addiction, inappropriate content, and other e-safety risks nationwide 
Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO, EITC

Dubai, UAE: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has announced a new strategic approach to ensure the digital well-being of specific segments of the UAE community. In line with the telco’s enduring purpose to build a sustainable and responsible business by connecting and enhancing lives, the coming two years will see du work closely with two key groups – children and people of determination across the country. 

du’s digital well-being efforts will also support the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025, particularly the ‘Leaving no one behind’ dimension. By promoting accessibility, transparency, and accountability, du will help to ensure inclusiveness while overcoming digital divides with a special focus on children and people of determination – two groups identified as vulnerable from the outset.

As part of du’s efforts, a series of programs will be delivered that offer comprehensive education about how to use the internet safely, simultaneously serving as platforms that empower residents to learn essential digital skills and position themselves for a better future. This latest move is a continuation of the brand’s long-standing sustainability commitment to operate responsibly and deliver ICT benefits to everyone, and will support key deliverables part of the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025. 

Fahad Al Hassawi, CEO, EITC, said: “As a leading national organization that serves the local community, utilizing our resources, infrastructure, and people to support the country’s safety, well-being, and development is among our topmost priorities. Internet access today is universal for children and people of determination alike, yet its powerful influence comes with causes for concern due to issues including digital addiction, inappropriate content, and cybersecurity breaches. To combat such instances and ensure the ICT world fulfills its promise as a force for good for all, we are proud to be supporting our community members who require valuable digital awareness and guidance. We look forward to doing our part over the coming years to safeguard people’s privacy and well-being while equipping them with the digital skills and competencies essential in all walks of daily life.” 

In addition to the brand’s sustainability principles and corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments, the decision by du to enact new digital well-being measures was also inspired by cybersecurity research conducted in recent years. Across the UAE, parents consider digital addiction and inappropriate content to be leading e-safety risks for their children, while cyberbullying, identity threats, and online trolling are other issues many feel they are unable to address personally. Parents have also reaffirmed their belief that telecommunications companies are among those best placed to provide e-safety advice, welcoming initiatives that will help to mitigate these risks. 

As such, du has prioritized actions that will tackle such issues that children and people of determination face with a multi-pronged approach.  that shall include:

  1. Collaboration with specialized training centers to empower people of determination with digital skills
  2. Delivery of e-safety education and awareness for children to enhance their cyber safety skills.

Further announcements and developments are set to follow in due course.

About du:

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