Dubai Ambulance Converts to Vie Scope®


Oklahoma City: Adroit Surgical LLC announced today that Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services (DCAS) will use the Vie Scope® for intubation in all their ambulances.

Dr. Nilesh R. Vasan, CEO and Founder of Adroit Surgical LLC, said “We are honored that Dubai Corporation For Ambulance Services, after diligent analysis, have found the Vie Scope® to be the ideal intubating device for their prehospital difficult airway management needs. Dubai Ambulance has a history of adopting innovative new ideas for the betterment of their patients and they are the first large ambulance system in the Middle East to adopt the Vie Scope® for all their vehicles. Our single-use, one size fits most device was engineered to make difficult intubation a simple procedure.”

After trialing the Vie Scope in the field, DCAS concluded that the Vie Scope® allowed them to intubate “faster than what we are using right now” and with a higher first-pass success rate.  Mohammad Abdullah Al-Aboud added “having this device in our intubation kits can improve the quality of service.”

Adroit Surgical, LLC developed the patented Vie Scope to help all users obtain a definitive secure airway using an endotracheal tube (ETT) as opposed to temporizing measures such as LMAs. The Vie Scope acts as a bougie introducer, a technique which has been shown to increase first pass success with minimal training. With viruses such as COVID-19, healthcare providers can use the Vie Scope to easily and efficiently place an ETT on first pass to avoid contamination of themselves and others. The Vie Scope is changing the current standard of care for difficult airway patients, making intubations faster, easier, safer, and less expensive.