Dubai based contemporary artist, Kim Oberoi’s website launched


Dubai: Kim Oberoi officially launches online offering art lovers a glimpse into the world of this Dubai based artist, whose career spans over two decades. Kim is largely a self-taught painter; her dedication to her craft has successfully seen her work represented globally and now available for everyone online.

“I feel that my work needed a stage to communicate and having a website was now vital, the artworks are reflective of the different phases of my life, which were influenced by various factors like time, space, availability of material as well as physical movements, portraying power, spirituality and simplicity” says Kim Oberoi

The website will include 2 major series of Kim’s collection, “Fragmented Transmutation” is a metamorphosis of colors and emotions, the 3 dimensional matte finished paintings are produced by controlling acrylics, where each crack is planned resulting in an aesthetic masterpiece; the other series is “Meditation”, whichis a free flowing series is in watercolors and coffee, inspired by energy, this is art form aspires from self healing, cleansing and energizing.

Kim is an Indian born contemporary artist based in Dubai, her experiences have passionately led her as a painter with an extensive international portfolio of exhibits including, UAE, Germany & China. Kim is largely a self-taught painter, evolving everyday with each stroke of paint. A major influence on Kim’s work is her dedication to meditative and healing practices, her work comes to life as a powerful form of expression and self healing; as an artist she feels that her work is freedom from norms of the universe created and within that she finds art and creativity as a language of freedom.