Dubai Based Investment Bank Allocates $1 Billion to fund projects identified by Global Business Intelligence Firm

Three Multi-Ethnic construction workers in uniform standing at construction site with crane in background, discussing building plans while holding blueprint at sunset under the tower crane.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: ABiQ Business Intelligence (ABiQ) signed an MoU with Global Islamic Financial Services Firm (GIFS) based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Turkey who provide financing and investment for infrastructure projects, government projects and private equity deals. Under this agreement, ABiQ will leverage its extensive database to assist Global Islamic Financial Services Firm to identify investment and financing opportunities.  

ABiQ is tracking over US$4 trillion worth of active project opportunities in Africa and the Middle East, including critical information such as ultimate business owners and decision-makers. Through its analytical capability, ABiQ identifies the top developers, contractors and consultants in any Middle East and African market and sector, helping to minimise risk during the development period. 

Commenting on the MoU, Emil Rademeyer, General Manager of ABiQ said, “This is a key milestone in connecting upcoming projects with potential investment opportunities. It has been a long time coming and we have invested heavily in developing trusted and reliable content as well as the analytical capabilities of our platform for our subscribers over the last few years.”

Rademeyer added. “Now we can identify viable and sustainable projects in the private and government sector, as well as PPP [Public-Private-Partnerships] projects and bring much-needed funding to the table”.  

Mufti Ismail Desai, CEO of Global Islamic Financial Services Firm said, “We have a successful track record of arranging more than US$4.3 billion in investment and funding for key projects across governments, private sector including listed-,unlisted companies and PPP’s. With this agreement, we can work with ABiQ to identify investment and funding opportunities”.  

Mufti Ismail Desai is a globally renown expert on Islamic Finance and has consulted and has conducted deal advisory of over US$4 billion on a range of transactions including complex mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate restructures, bond issuance’s, corporate capital raising, cash management, structured finance and IPO/LBO/MBO transactions.

About ABiQ:

ABiQ is a business intelligence provider based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a team of researchers in Africa collating and validating information, ABiQ has developed AI to process base data into sought-after business intelligence that can accurately predict where resource shortages will occur, where current opportunities are, and future demand will be. ABiQ developed smart analytical tools that can identify the top-ranked players in any sector and country in Africa and the Middle East.

About Global Islamic Financial Services:

Global Islamic Financial Services Firm is a leading global audit, advisory, tax, accounting, investment management and corporate finance firm with a strong Islamic finance practice. We offer innovative, market-leading services and products to corporates, financial institutions, export credit agencies, investment banks and governments on Shari’a-compliant banking facilities, Sukuk, structured financing products, private equity and project financing.

GIFS also offers regulated private equity investment funds in different sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, property, healthcare, agriculture, biotechnology and general trading. GIFS provides a superb quality of Sharīàh advisory and training to Financial Institutions who wish to cater for Islamic Finance Products to their clientele. We offer a diverse range of customised and tailored Shariah Consultancy Services, which seamlessly integrate into practical solutions that suit our clients complex and diverse business needs. Our advisory board comprises of experienced scholars and financial experts who bring their expertise and insight to meet our client’s needs.

Our network benefits from being able to draw on the broad experience of bankers, lawyers, tax and corporate advisors across our global network who have advised on a range of corporate banking and Islamic financial transactions in jurisdictions throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

From risk identification to risk mitigation, we work with you to develop solutions that will minimise compliance risks while optimising business performance. We have a set of standard procedures that we enact to co-operate with our client on a step by step basis to develop the required compliance programs and processes, policies, guidelines and structures. Our work adheres to the highest standards of ethics, compliance and confidentiality.