Dubai-based On-demand Tech Start-up Expands its “Pay-per-minute” Driver Services to Abu Dhabi


Zofeur, the pioneering Dubai-based startup known for its unique “Pay-per-minute” driver services with no minimum usage or commitment, is now available in Abu Dhabi. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Zofeur’s journey, extending its on-demand, flexible driver services to a broader audience. Be it 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days, individuals in the UAE capital can now instantly hire personal chauffeurs to complete various tasks while driving their private car through the Zofeur mobile app. Now, with an added focus on safety, Abu Dhabi residents can access safe, professional and highly trained chauffeurs while enjoying peace of mind with all trips being fully insured.

By offering a service designed for those who value the comfort of their own vehicle, the brand has carved a unique niche and reputation in the transport space that has fueled its sustained growth into the capital. Its versatile platform offers a dynamic marketplace for on-demand personal chauffeurs, granting users immediate access to a vast network of professionals across the city. These chauffeurs are equipped to handle a diverse range of tasks, from personal travel needs such as after-party pickups, business meeting commutes, or inter-city travels.

Leveraging its success in Dubai, Zofeur now also offers Abu Dhabi’s residents and visitors the enhanced convenience of hiring a driver for one-way trips. This new feature supports diverse travel needs, encompassing inter-city travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai or vice versa, thereby adding significant flexibility and ease to user travel plans. The start-up’s assurance of fully insured trips also complements its professional training and vetting of each driver, offering a premium experience that prioritizes the well-being of every customer.

Moreover, the platform’s chauffeurs adeptly manage tasks like taking cars to the garage for maintenance or repairs and conducting vehicle inspections. This enhances user comfort, convenience, safety, allowing them to focus on their important activities while trusting Zofeur to handle their vehicular needs efficiently.

Similarly, Abu Dhabi-based businesses like corporates, car resellers, garages, and F&B outlets can now leverage Zofeur’s chauffeurs to provide value-adding services to customers through strategic partnership opportunities.

With its expansion into the UAE’s capital, the brand hopes to broaden its geographical reach and enhance the car ownership experience, while creating a substantial number of driver jobs. Abu Dhabi’s residents and visitors can now experience convenience, safety, and flexibility in their everyday travel, marking a new chapter in the emirate’s mobility narrative.

About Zofeur:

Zofeur is a Dubai-based start-up founded by two friends, Bunty Monani and Ishrath Hasmin. Zofeur is the first pay-per minute chauffer service, now available in Dubai, UAE. The platform offers hire of personal chauffeurs with no minimum usage commitment and has now expanded its services to Abu Dhabi.

Zofeur can be used in several scenarios such as; to drop your personal car to and from its service if you are at work, to drive you safely home after having a few alcoholic drinks, to drop  your kids to and from school if you are unavailable and many more. Zofeur offers hassle free solutions to maximize the use of your personal car. Through the application you can also remotely track your car.