Dubai Business Women Council concludes 2nd phase of the Executive Accelerator Programme on high-note

  •  The training program drew in 35 participants.
  •  The first two phases covered launching and managing the project, with 7 training workshops organized so far.
  • The six-week program consists of four phases, combining theoretical and practical training.
  • Halabi: DBWC committed to providing advanced and modern training system in line with the government’s strategic priorities.

Dubai: The Executive Accelerator Programme, jointly launched by the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), New Metrics, a specialized consultancy firm, and Reach Digital Works, has successfully completed the second phase of its four-stage training program. This exclusive program, open only to DBWC members taking part in the 5th cycle of the Mentorship Program, brought together over 35 participants.

The Executive Accelerator Programme is a comprehensive training course that includes a series of interactive training workshops. It was tailored to provide particular training that addresses the specific needs of DBWC members over a period of six weeks. It also aims to provide solutions to the challenges identified by participants during the fifth cycle of the mentorship program. The training program has completed its first and second phases with great success and positive feedback. The two phases have focused on launching and managing projects with seven training workshops being organized as part of the program.

The remaining two phases will focus on developing projects and improving the digital and smart presence of companies.

A team of subject-matter experts and specialists, affiliated with “New Metrics” and its partners, as well as “Reach Digital Works” is managing the entire training program, which will come to an end in mid-February.

Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager at DBWC, stated that the Executive Accelerator Programme is an innovative solution that will help participants overcome challenges in the labor market and bridge the gap between their current skills and the skills required by the job market.

Halabi highlighted that the program is designed to provide participants with the essential knowledge and expertise they need to better understand the market, plan their projects, develop their skills, and grow their businesses.

“The council is committed to providing cutting-edge, modern training programs in line with the government’s strategic goals and the evolving needs of the business world,” said Halabi, adding that through the current advanced training program, the council looks
forward to enhancing the abilities, expertise, and competitiveness of its members, as well as supporting women entrepreneurs in their professional pursuits.

The training covers a variety of topics, such as identifying the target audience and acquiring new clients, planning a customer journey to achieve the desired impact, generating ideas, and creating and growing a business.

It also focuses on maximizing financial resources and obtaining high revenues at a low cost, as well as marketing strategies, negotiation and persuasion techniques, and creating positive customer experiences.

Additionally, the training will also discuss developing a governance model, creating KPIs, maintaining growth and expansion, evaluating and leveraging partnerships, promoting leadership methodologies, and developing decision-making processes. The importance of
creating and maintaining a digital presence through website management and digital marketing will also be addressed.

Not only will the program enhance the chances of participants obtaining the support they need, such as financing, skills, or expertise, as well as business relationships, and training, but will also provide tailored technical solutions for their services and products.

For her part, Maya Omeiri, Partner at New Metrics said: “We are proud of the true impact we’re making on the journey of these women. We measure the success of this program by the greater level of meaningful interactions, the stronger connections, the noticeable
confidence gained in the skills and most importantly the numerous identified opportunities to move forward their businesses.”

“New Metrics Team is proud to dedicate joint efforts with DBWC to help women succeed, as a business community the onus is on us to work harder to bring diversity, crucial to achieving lasting innovation and economic growth,” Omeiri added.

New Metrics is a leading experience management consultancy with a presence across the EMEA region. Its partnership with the Dubai Business Women Council represents a significant step forward in providing participants in the mentorship program with advanced skills that enhance their expertise and enrich their knowledge in the workplace.

Established in 2002 under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Dubai Business Women Council is the UAE’s leading platform for the personal and professional development of business women in the Emirate of Dubai. It aims to support female
entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the world of business. The Council plays a vital role in enhancing the contribution of women to the country’s economy and promoting economic development in all sectors of the business community.

Executive Accelerator Programme
The Executive Accelerator Programme is the latest in a series of major initiatives launched by the Dubai Business Women Council to support members taking part in the 5th cycle of the DBWC mentorship program. The initiative is intended to enhance the capabilities of the
council’s members, sharpen their skills, and prepare them for the evolving business landscape. The program is a revolutionary approach to training design, combining theoretical and practical training and adopting the business accelerator model to accelerate business growth and development. The training program also aims to increase the
contributions of female entrepreneurs to the country’s economy and strengthen innovation and competitiveness in the business community in Dubai.