Dubai Culture completes inventory of knowledge assets at Dubai Public Library branches

  • Investing modern technologies to raise the efficiency of corporate performance and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Inventoried around 600 thousand knowledge items in record time using RFID technology.

Dubai: Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) inventoried the knowledge assets at all branches of Dubai Public Library and the Hatta region using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which is considered the latest management and protection systems for groups in the current era. The Authority is keen to employ advanced technologies that would enhance its corporate agility and achieve a speedy completion of the tasks assigned to it, contributing to enriching customers experience and ensuring their happiness. 

Dubai Culture has taken the initiative to adopt RFID technology at public libraries across the emirate, which is a technique that utilises radio waves to communicate their identity and provides many services for public libraries, such as the technical processing of knowledge assets in addition to borrow, return and inventory operations. This initiative is in line with the framework of the institutional priorities of the Authority’s updated strategy roadmap to achieve digital transformation and automate its services in a way that would contribute to enhancing the efficiency of its operations and raising the level of customer satisfaction.

In line with the developments in the RFID system, Dubai Culture has been keen to acquire modern inventory devices that keep pace with this system. By using this technology, the Authority was able to complete the knowledge asset inventory project across all branches of Dubai Public Library, which comprise around 600 thousand office materials, including books, maps, and audio-visual materials, within a record time, saving time and effort as well as guaranteeing accurate results of the contents of the libraries from among the knowledge materials provided by customers.

Dubai public libraries possess modern inventory technologies that were employed in auditing their knowledge assets, becoming a reflection of best standards in the field of inventory operations, thus contributing to the realisation of Dubai Culture’s vision of consolidating the emirate’s position as a global centre of culture, an incubator for creativity, a thriving hub for talent.

Dubai Public Library branches provide a range of distinctive services, such as information, advisory, and reference services. It also provides advanced and fast electronic services that meet the needs of the public to access and retrieve as much information as possible in the fastest and easiest way. Dubai Culture invests in the latest connectivity and networking technologies to link all branches of Dubai Public Library with one other and with other modern libraries, thus allowing easy access to the growing knowledge platforms.