Dubai Culture held virtual meeting for ‘Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre 2021’


·         Strengthening cooperation between the Authority and private theatres in the UAE.

·         Involving theatres in organising the festival in a manner that caters to the current situation.

·         Supporting the youth and giving them the opportunity to put forward their suggestions to enrich the festival.

·         The festival activities will take place from 19 – 25, November 2021

Dubai, UAE: In line with its effort to prepare a distinguished version of the 2021 Dubai Festival for Youth Theater that seeks to inspire Emirati youth theater in light of the current situation imposed by COVID-19, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) held a virtual meeting that brought together members of the boards of directors of private theatres across the emirates and a prominent group of young local theatre talents to ensure the presentation of an exceptional version that would live up to the emirate’s ambitions and theatrical energies while catering to the current situation.

Fatma Al Jallaf, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department at Dubai Culture, stressed that despite the resumption of a large part of the cultural activities, they are still subject to the necessary precautionary measures to ensure safety for all. As a result, Dubai Culture hosted a meeting to discuss the 2021 Dubai Festival for Youth Theater’s content, form and new mechanisms that are in line with preventive measures.

Al Jallaf addressed the objectives of the meeting, saying: “As enablers of the cultural and creative sector in the emirate, we recognise the existent harmony between theatres on a state level; our responsibility of providing a strong base for Emirati theatre, especially the youth; and their cooperation with the Authority. The purpose is to create heightened, national theatrical works that would match the ambitions of the emirate in particular and the UAE in general, while also keeping pace with global theatrical developments. Hence, this meeting was held to create cohesion between Dubai Culture and local theatres across the UAE and involve them in organising the festival in a manner that would cater to the current social and economic situations.

She added: “We are always keen to benefit from the energies of the youth by providing them with platforms for their ideas and visions. We have provided a number of young theatrical talents with the opportunity to participate in this meeting and put forward their suggestions and views, in support of their position and based on our commitment to the importance of these ideas and suggestions in enriching the festival as well as to meet the aspirations of young playwrights, who are eager for the return to physical theatres.”

The participants in the meeting, which was held via Zoom, presented a summary of their ideas within a positive, harmonious atmosphere. Many ideas were discussed and agreed upon regarding the 2021 festival, including the new mechanism according to which the festival’s activities will take place in light of the pandemic, the location and period of the festival, and where the activities will take place from 19 until 25 November 2021.

The participants also agreed on the topics of the youth theatrical works that will be taking part in the festival. Also addressed during the meeting was the importance of cooperation and coordination between private theatres and the Authority in terms of organisation and volunteering.

The meeting also addressed the support that Dubai Culture will provide in organising the festival’s 2021 edition, selecting the bodies of work and their required creative needs, and defining the conditions that would have to be met by the participating works. The participants in the meeting also praised the efforts made by the Authority in ensuring the optimal continuity of the festival and in restoring the youth’s theatre and activating it. Dubai Culture was also commended for its role in developing youth skills and in nurturing and embracing promising talents, inspiring them to continue their passion in the theatrical field, thus establishing the theatre of the future and uplifting Emirati theatre to become a part of the creative economy.