Dubai Culture organised a virtual forum on future of literary investment and challenges

  • Titled ‘Literature Investment Challenges,’ the event sought to promote awareness about the importance and roles of literary investment.
  • It brought together experts to discuss the role of cultural institutions in promoting literary investment.
  • The forum aimed to support cultural industries as a tributary of the national economy and contributor to the GDP.
  • The forum invited all interested citizens and residents to participate.

Dubai, UAE: As part of its efforts to spread awareness about the importance of literary investment and its roles, reality, and future prospects, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) organised a virtual forum titled ‘Literature Investment Challenges’, inviting interested citizens and residents to take part in discussions with renowned literature and culture pioneers inside and outside the country.

Through this forum, Dubai Culture provided a platform for Emirati, resident, and foreign experts and specialists in the literary field to exchange experiences and opinions, and discuss the challenges facing literary investment and ways to advance it in the UAE. This initiative fell within the framework of Dubai Culture’s commitment to activating programmes and plans that support cultural industries as a tributary of the national economy and contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP), thus achieving the objectives of the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy in transforming the emirate into a global destination for culture and the capital of the creative economy.

The forum was held via Zoom in English and Arabic on 19 October. The first session was hosted by publisher Mohamad Eljayd, author and researcher Alexandra Ivanova, TV director Diana Fares, and writer Samya Ayish, and the session was moderated by writer Mohammed Al Hebsi. The second session hosted novelist Ashwin Sanghi; writer Samira Hammadi; Maha Shakir, a specialist in the cultural content industry; and author Joanna Ewa Rozanska; it was moderated by Eman Alyousuf, writer and specialist in cultural diplomacy.

Mohammed Al Hebsi, Acting Director of the Literature Department at Dubai Culture, affirmed that organising the forum stemmed from the Authority’s awareness about the importance of investing in the cultural and creative industries, especially the literary field, where a study conducted by Dubai Culture found that books and the press sector to be the most promising creative fields in Dubai, with a growth scope of 48%.  This highlights the importance of this promising sector and the need to invest in and strengthen it.

Al Hebsi added: “The forum discussed several topics, including the nature of investment in literature, the present and future of investment in the literary field, publishing, and translation houses in this field, and how cultural institutions can contribute to its advancement.”

Based on its strategic roadmap, Dubai Culture is committed to supporting a stimulating infrastructure for cultural and creative industries, enabling a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that supports Dubai’s economic growth and enhances its position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.