Dubai Culture organising its winter camp 2020 activities virtually through a package of artistic and scientific workshops and reading activities

  • Its activities will run from 20 to 31 December.
  • Students are invited to participate and benefit while being entertained.
  • In line with the Authority’s commitment to promoting a cultural and creative environment in the emirate.

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, represented by the Public Libraries Department, is progressing with its preparations to launch its 2020 winter camp, taking place in the mornings during the first-semester vacation from 20 to 31 December. The camp will be held virtually in line with the precautionary measures against COVID-19.

Dubai Culture invites 6- to 12-year-olds to participate and benefit from its virtual activities over Microsoft Teams. The winter camp programme will be divided into two parts: English from 20 to 24 December and Arabic from 27 to 31 December. Participants can register through the website: 

The winter camp is an initiative of Dubai Reads that aims to invest students’ free time in activities that are full of enjoyment and benefit through educational programmes that include technical and scientific workshops in addition to reading activities that would develop scientific research skills, public speaking, and writing, as well as contribute to motivating children to adopt reading as a daily habit.

Winter camp project manager, Ruqaya Hussain Abu Alhassan, Senior Specialist at Dubai Culture, said: “Today, we are happy to announce the launch date of the 2020 edition of the winter camp, which is being presented this year virtually given the exceptional circumstances, in line with precautionary measures in Dubai and in support of Dubai’s digital transformation strategy. Through these inspiring programmes, Dubai Culture is continuing its efforts to preserve and develop the creative talents of children in the emirate during their first-semester vacation.

Abu Alhassan emphasised that this year’s winter camp aims to achieve the Authority’s vision and mission, which align with the directives of the wise leadership of the UAE to encourage students to read. Dubai Culture also seeks to encourage students to best utilise their free time during school vacations to develop their skills as well as to visit libraries and benefit from their various facilities and resources. Libraries across the emirate have become knowledge, educational and entertainment destinations, as well as a source of pride for Dubai Culture, that act as an extension to schools by also opening the path for effective and constructive communication with parents to elevate the capabilities of their children.

This year’s winter camp will witness specialised workshops across 24 proposed programmes, dealing with a variety of topics, including literacy, technical, health, and awareness, among others. 

Abu Alhassan affirmed: “Such extended and continuous initiatives throughout the year are in line with the sectoral priorities of the Authority’s updated strategic roadmap. Dubai Culture plays an important role in supporting the UAE government’s vision of a knowledge-based society and is committed to enhancing the cultural and creative environment in the emirate. This in addition to innovatively integrating cultural content in the UAE’s educational curricula; thus, contributing to building young generations who are proud of their national heritage and culture.”