Dubai Government Workshop Renews its Partnership with Al-Futtaim Automotive


United Arab Emirates, Dubai: Dubai Government Workshop (DGW) announced that it has renewed its strategic partnership with Al-Futtaim Automotive to further enhance technical cooperation for the maintenance and repair of Toyota-Lexus vehicles. The partnership is part of DGW’s efforts to strengthen cooperation with the private sector in the field and provide exemplary customer service through the Al-Futtaim division.

H.E. Fahad Ahmed Al-Raeesi, CEO of DGW, emphasized that the renewed partnership with Al-Futtaim Automotive reflects DGW’s vision in providing excellent services in vehicle management and maintenance, in accordance with international standards and practices. Moreover, he highlighted the effective and efficient cooperation between the public and private sectors in the technical field.

He added: “It is important to establish and maintain cooperation with the private sector to benefit from its capabilities, while leveraging the latest technologies in this field. This cooperation will also boost our strategies as we strive to enhance service levels and consolidate our position as a sustainable mechanical and technical center.”

“The partnership with Al-Futtaim Automobile will also enrich our knowledge of the latest technologies in the field of mobile maintenance, enhancing customer safety, and increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, extending the partnership reaffirms the success of the existing cooperation, which has been in place since the signing of the agreement in 2018. The collaboration has facilitated the exchange of technical and mechanical expertise, as well as providing the latest innovation and technologies within the automotive sector and developing services in line with current and future requirements of customers,” Al-Raeesiconcluded.

Andy Barratt, Managing Director, Toyota and Lexus at Al-Futtaim said: “We are proud of the renewed trust of our long-standing partner DGW and are pleased to extend this collaboration. Together, we are embarking on a new era of excellence in servicing, maintenance, and subsequently safety and satisfaction with one of our most important customers in the UAE. The extended partnership demonstrates our shared focus on intensive training to deliver optimum results, and an unwavering commitment to reliability and durability through the provision of high-quality services.”