Dubai influencers and chefs showcase the journey of European butter from farm to plate


The new Butter Up! guide showcases the journey of butter from the countryside to the plates of world-famous restaurants in France

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai foodies and influencers have helped to create a new guide showcasing the journey of natural dairy butter from farm to plate in France, with everything revealed in the new travel guide, Butter Up!

The digital version of the guide, which is now available online, features a tour hosted by the European Union and the French Dairy Board, with a host of GCC-based chefs and influencers. Those who witnessed first-hand the importance of French butter in cuisine included Chef Mohammad Chabchoul, Suad Shamma of Lady Spatula blog fame, Saudi chef Khulood Olaqi, and author and blogger Zahra Abdalla.

As part of the tour, the chefs and influencers were able to experience how butter is made and produced in the rural French countryside before making the journey to some of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in Paris.

“The centuries-old tradition of making butter is fascinating. As part of the tour, we were able to showcase firsthand the milking phase of the butter-making process as part of a visit to a dedicated dairy farm where they learned about the strict milking process which helps ensure the high standards and quality of the milk,” said Marie-Laure Martin, International Communication Director at the French Dairy Board.

After seeing how the milk is churned and turned to butter, the gourmands had the opportunity to meet the renowned pastry chef and recipient of the Best Craftsman of France, Georges Larnicol. Often referred to as one of the greatest pastry chefs of all time, Larnicol gave an inclusive insight into how butter is made, an ingredient he uses in his classic Breton pastry recipe, which is also featured in the guide.

Speaking about the beloved ingredient, Larnicol said: “I adore Butter; my relationship with butter is one of love. A good quality butter has a lot of humidity without any water added; it is a great support and flavour enhancer of salt and sugar.”

The guide also highlights the importance of the relationship between farmers and chefs. Inspirational Chef Mathieu Perou, who is well known and revered for his sustainable approach to cooking at his Michelin Star restaurant Le Manoir de la Regate, located in the Nantes countryside close to the river Eldre, said:

“Every dish on the menu is an ode to produce from the local land and water, sourced from multiple producers in and around the river. It is this commitment that has earned us the Green Michelin Star for sustainable gastronomy”.

This was emphasised during a masterclass by Chef Mathieu, which featured a succulent Clay Baked Fish recipe, which is featured prominently in the guide.

In addition to recipes and an outline of the journey of butter from the countryside to plate, the guide also illustrates new and beautiful ways to display butter and create a variety of flavours, referred to as compound butter. The recipes shown reflect the regional tastes and unique spices such as Sabzi Butter, Sticky Date and rose water butter, Pistachio and Cardamon butter.

A series of places of interest, such as farms, museums, and attractions, as well as suggestions on where to eat in Concarneau, Nantes and Paris to experience the very best of what dairy butter has to offer, can also be found in the handy guide. In addition, several fun facts about butter and agriculture can be found throughout.

The guide is available now online and can be downloaded from the link in the bio of the Instagram account