Dubai inseparable brother and sister to compete in an Olympic Triathlon together


In celebration of 10.000kms completed races, sister Tia and brother Rio will compete in an Olympic Triathlon this weekend in Dubai.

Since Team AngelWolf journey started 6 years ago Rio, a Person of Determination, will have covered 10,000kms in races and events by the end of 2020. It started with dad and Rio doing the inclusive racing, with mum and sister Tia (Little Wolf) being the needed support team; whilst a whole WolfPack family community organically grew, creating Inclusive Impactivity™️. As everyone knows, things have gradually adapted and sister Tia (only just turned 14) chose to take on some of her dad’s role; blowing everybody away with what she has already achieved with her big brother creating Official World Records where she is taking Rio on a sprint distance triathlon when she was 11, completing virtual stair climbs with Rio strapped to her back and running 3kms every day for 31 days pushing Rio in his chair.

Little Wolf has one dream; to complete an Olympic distance triathlon together with her brother Rio. This will be the first time as she has never even done an Olympic distance triathlon solo before. She is too young to be allowed to enter a race of that distance, by race rules; most races you would have to be over 16 or even 18 to do this distance in a race. Tia is determined and found a solution to complete a triathlon with her brother. Over 3 consecutive days Tia wants to do each segment of an Olympic distance triathlon with Rio, so when they cross the finish line – that step will mark Rio’s 10,000kms completed in 6 years of inclusive racing.

Little Wolf knows she is capable of doing the distances solo, as she has been joining her dad in the #TriWithRio Challenge in November and she can comfortably do the 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run, alongside Nick with Rio, at their pace. It will be a challenge to do those distances with Rio, as people don’t remember she has just turned 14 year and Rio is 17 years old and pulling Rio (45kgs) plus the equipment, that Rio is on, is not light.

Join Tia and Rio this weekend to motivate, support AND to celebrate 10,000kms of completed races by Rio. Come along, even if you just do part of the distance or start with them then go at your own pace or be a spectator and cheer them on. Check their social media for the full schedule.

#TeamAngelWolf #TriWithTiaAndRio #InclusiveImpactivity

Team Angel Wolf is the Watson Family, dad Nick, mum Delphine, daughter Tia, 14 years old and son Rio a 17 years old teen with severe disabilities and a rare chromosome order. As a family, the Watson’s compete in many sporting events across the UAE, taking Rio along to join in the fun to spread awareness and integration of People with Determination in the UAE to promote sport, health and fitness within the community.