Dukkantek: UAE’s First Revolutionary Store Management Platform That Offers an End-To-End Technology Partner To Enhance All Business Processes


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Dukkantek, the United Arab Emirates first and only revolutionary store management platform, has officially launched to enable traditional merchants and dark stores to compete equally in an evolving digital world, and further empower their retail capacity. Redefining the conventional way of managing tasks and sales, the innovative platform aims to strengthen local community stores and power digital transformations with end-to-end technology that enhances and streamlines all business processes.

Amid the global pandemic, businesses without a digital presence and the inability to facilitate online payments were hard hit due to the decrease in customers visiting stores and utilizing a cash payment method. As a result, to meet the growing demand for digital advancements within the community retail sector, Dukkantek was born completely bootstrapped by three Co-Founders in January 2021. Soon after gaining traction, Dukkantek formed a strategic partnership with an Egyptian fintech company to provide merchants with various online and in-store payment options. Within their first seven months, Dukkantek raised a significant seed round from global and regional investors. With a unique vision to become the technology partner for traditional merchants by facilitating card payments, managing their online presence, and enhancing in-store operations, Dukkantek has launched its cutting-edge hardware and software to provide retailers with an end-to-end solution to improve their businesses.

Their advanced in-store boxes are fitted with a seamlessly integrated system, a Point-of-Sales (POS) system that can be accessed online, from anywhere in the world. The cloud-hosted software allows business owners the ability to keep track of transactions, monitor sales, calculate VAT, generate reports, and calculate profit margin. Additionally, its unique Cloud Inventory Management (IM) helps to track stock, manage stock value, organize the inventory, manage fast-moving products, and generate reports for analysis.

To meet the goal of better serving customer needs, the e-commerce platform allows merchants to sell their goods via an online application that includes access to a live inventory feature, as it is linked to the IM & POS software and provides store owners with access to additional features such as delivery and order management. The companion application, “DukkanT”, enables retailers to quickly view existing inventory in real-time and easily add or remove inventory options, and their corresponding prices. The app also provides merchants with an option to send push notifications with specific target-related messages to further enhance the customer journey experience, and directly communicate with their customer database.

Beyond their efficient POS offering, Dukkantek has in parallel designed and developed white-labeled mobile applications whereby merchants have access to purchase a fully functioning app that can be customized according to their branding requirements. The application offers “something that none of the other major players have; the consumer application displays the live inventory of the store, which is why the in-store management device is crucial ”, comments Dukkantek Founder, Sanad Yaghi.

With an evident demand and endless possibilities to empower local community stores, Dukkantek will continue to drastically improve solutions for retailers in need. Amongst targeting the UAE, Dukkantek’s ambitions remain global to provide services in any geography.

Yaghi, shares, “We are thrilled to offer our esteemed partners a powerful solution that is focused on providing seamless integration of all business operations across multiple channels. We take pride in supporting local businesses in the UAE to continuously adapt to a dynamic, hyper-competitive retail environment to elevate customer experiences”.

About Dukkantek:

Founded in January 2021, Dukkantek is the first and only store management platform designed to empower traditional merchants. As a seamlessly integrated system with cloud-hosted software, Dukkantek aims to strengthen local community stores through digital transformations and end-to-end technology that improves all business processes.