du’s non-environmental sustainability initiatives and volunteering activities continue to make a positive impact

  • du’s employee engagement and development programs result in 40% Emirati talent and over 50% women in the workforce
  • Collaboration with Beat the Cyber Bully to raise awareness on cyber-bullying 
  • Contributions of the One Billion Meals campaign, Al Jalila Foundation and CDA during Ramadan 
  • Partnership with UNICEF for cyber-safety awareness in the UAE
  • Free WiFi access across 500 locations in the UAE

Dubai, UAE: du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC), has been recognized by the Government of the UAE with the CSR Majra Award, showcasing its outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in 2022. It highlights du’s dedication to non-environmental sustainability practices and making a positive impact on people and the community through its CSR initiatives and sustainability efforts.

Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Resources & Shared Services Officer at du said: “This award reflects du’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact on people and the community through its CSR initiatives and sustainability efforts. From employee engagement and wellbeing to community support, we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our employees, customers, and the wider community. We will continue our efforts to prioritize people and social responsibility and make a positive impact in our community.”

Employee Engagement and Development:

du prioritizes employee engagement and development programs, resulting in a diverse and inclusive workforce. In 2022, du achieved 40% Emirati talent and over 50% women in its workforce. In addition, over 50% of du’s senior management are UAE Nationals, fuelled by leadership training, development programs, and opportunities for career growth. The company also supported the upskilling of female national service recruits through the Hama Project. 

du prioritizes employee engagement to be the employer of choice, launching a successful employee engagement survey followed by a mid-year pulse survey, reflecting the importance and commitment from employees and managers du’s commitment to employee wellbeing was also demonstrated by the team’s remarkable performance in the UAE Corporate Sports Challenge.

Commitment to Social Inclusivity:

du is committed to social inclusivity and equal access to communication. The company offers discounts for people of determination and senior citizens on their post-paid plans and provides free WiFi access across 500 locations in the UAE, benefitting over four million users. du also collaborates with the Community Development Authority to provide digital awareness training sessions for senior citizens.

Community Support and Partnerships:

du actively participates in multiple fundraising campaigns and supports initiatives. The company’s partnership with UNICEF and Beat the Cyber-Bully raises cyber-safety awareness in the UAE, ensuring individuals are equipped to navigate the digital world safely. Data security and privacy are prioritized, with continuous updates to the company’s policies and data taxonomy. 

Additionally, du employees actively participate in social and environmental initiatives, with over 200 colleagues volunteering for activities such as teaching children about cyber-safety, clean-up hikes, desert clean-ups, and planting the UAE’s national tree, the Ghaf tree. du has also recently launched a Sustainability Podcast in Arabic – the first in the region – to raise awareness on various sustainability related issues. 

Leveraging Technology for Good:

du continues to invest in its 5G network and has established a collaboration with Masdar City to drive technological advancements and operational efficiencies through the establishment of a 5G Centre of Excellence. In addition, du actively supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individuals with determination by promoting their services through its platforms, providing opportunities for UAE National SMEs to showcase their businesses by participating in internal events.

About du:

Operating under the steadfast umbrella of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), du is an integral driver of the UAE’s economic, social and digital transformation. Thriving on digitally innovating all facets of the contemporary telecom experience, we touch the lives of millions of customers everyday as a dedicated enabler of connectivity, continuity and growth across consumer and enterprise segments. Whether delivering state-of-the-art Smart City infrastructure, bespoke enterprise ICT solutions, government communications, secure data solutions, or the very best in home entertainment and value, we are a reliable telco and ICT player shaping the future of communication for a more connected tomorrow.