Wayne, PA, USA: Eastern Airlines, historically known as one of the “Big Four” carriers in the United States, announced that it has achieved the New Distribution Capability (NDC) Level 4 Certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The certification enables a dynamic and cost-effective distribution model for Eastern Airlines as it further improves the airline’s communication capabilities with its travel partners using rich content. 

Eastern Airlines’ NDC Level 4 Certification was facilitated through its partnership with TPConnects, an IATA NDC Dual Level 4 Certified IT Provider and Aggregator. Additionally, as its travel technology partner, TPConnects revamped Eastern Airlines’ recently launched Internet Booking Engine (IBE)  goeasternair.com. Along with the IBE the airline’s Travel Agency booking portal is also powered by TPConnects NDC Offer and Order Management Solution. It enables the airlines to control various interfaces through a single Middleware and provide Offers to customers in real time. 

Steve Harfst, President & CEO, Eastern Airlines, said, “IATA’s NDC Level 4 Certification is a pivotal investment that assists Eastern’s mission in providing underserved markets with direct, nonstop flights at the best value. We can now ensure that our passengers have direct access to relevant content across both direct and indirect distribution channels that are unique to their wants and expectations. The NDC standard allows Eastern to efficiently create, deliver, and control inventory that is both reliable and secure for the passenger. Our travel partners can now benefit from access to our full range of product offerings, merchandising, and servicing capabilities and the end-to-end order lifecycle from booking to completion. We look forward to our continued partnership with TPConnects, a proven technology expert in the field, as we transform the way we go to market and deliver enhanced customer experiences as part of the Eastern Promise.

Rajendran Vellapalath, CEO, TPConnects, said, “Our latest partnership with the American carrier Eastern Airlines is a milestone with many firsts, much to the credit of the collaboration and the expertise it brought to the table. It is indeed a testimony to our follow-the-sun approach where teams across time zones collaborated successfully to simultaneously deliver multiple NDC-enabled products for the airline. This is especially significant for TPConnects as we expanded our product portfolio with the delivery of the Internet Booking Engine within TPConnects Airline Solutions. Given the scope of the partnership, we are committed and well-positioned as the partner-of-choice to support Eastern Airlines with a gamut of industry-leading services and innovative travel technology solutions.”

About Eastern Airlines:

Eastern Airlines was originally founded in 1926. By 1930, Eastern grew to become one of the “Big Four” domestic airlines, where it would remain for the next several decades. As a carrier with a legacy of pioneering new routes, Eastern Airlines has returned to the skies for its next adventure as the first scheduled carrier to be certified in the United States since 2007. Eastern’s mission is to bring back the sense of awe and wonder to air travel by providing underserved markets across the globe with nonstop-only flights at the best value.

About TPConnects:

TPConnects is a leading provider of travel technology solutions focused on helping travel businesses across the board, from Airlines to Travel Agencies, to retail travel products and services. It is one of the first technology companies to be recognised as IATA NDC Dual Level 4 Certified Travel Aggregator for travel agencies and IT Provider for airlines and is also a solution provider for IATA Financial Gateway (IFG). TPConnects Order Management System is certified by IATA as ONE Order Capable.

Driven by its mission to shape the future of travel retail and distribution, TPConnects seeks to pioneer new technologies and approaches to create universal connections between travel providers and travel sellers while helping them optimize costs and realise benefits with minimal efforts. TPConnects provides airlines and travel agencies with technology-powered solution models, designed to meet the evolving needs of travelers. 

TPConnects enables Travel Agents to Go Online by offering their own Website, Mobile Apps and B2B Agent Platform integrated with Flights, Hotels, Cars, Payment Gateway etc. with minimal initial investment.

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