Eastern Biotech, a Dubai Based Biotech Company, Introduces Telomere Test to the GCC Countries


Eastern-Biotech-Logo LogoLife Length, based in Madrid, Spain, the world leader in telomere testing appoints Eastern Biotech as its exclusive partner in the region to launch this state of the art diagnostic product.

Are Telomeres the key to aging? Telomere Analysis Technology® has the potential to estimate true Biological age and help in early intervention of lifestyle disorders.

DUBAI, UAE and MADRID: PRNewswire: Telomere length is increasingly being recognized as an independent variable in predicting disease. A study of more than 43,000 subjects reported in the British Medical Journal concluded that telomere length is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. A large meta-analysis showed significant association between shortened telomere length and Type 2 diabetes. Other studies are showing that the finding of short telomeres may be associated with the aggressiveness of certain cancers.

The field of telomere biology has grown dramatically since the award of the 2009 Nobel Prize for the discovery of telomerase. Clinicians today are increasingly becoming interested in incorporating telomere testing into their practices. This is largely driven by two factors: a growing understanding of the role telomeres play in personalized medicine; and increasing consumer demand for integrative treatment that can slow the aging process.

Dr. Faruq Badiuddin, Managing Director Eastern Biotech & life sciences explains, “The development of reliable commercial testing now allows for the measurement of individual telomere lengths and quantification of the number of critically short telomeres, both key determinants in overall cellular health. Measurement of this novel biomarker holds promise for improving early disease identification, risk assessment, and treatment of lifestyle disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers.” Advance bookings for the test are underway and appointments will begin early August.

Stephen J. Matlin, Chief Executive Officer for Life Length quotes, “Perhaps the greatest value of telomere testing is in obtaining serial measurements by incorporating it as part of an annual health status assessment. It is like a report card, letting both the physician and the patient know how well the total intervention and program is working. This requires two pieces of data: 1) the number and percent of critically short telomeres and, 2) the rate of telomere attrition. Annual snapshots may also serve as powerful lifestyle behavior change motivators or as tools to enhance treatment adherence.”

About Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®):

Telomere Analysis Technology is a U.S.A. Federally FDA (“CLIA”) Accredited proprietary diagnostic assay for assessing the level of organismal aging of an individual by measuring individual telomeres at the chromosomal level, cell-by-cell, in white blood cells. Using a special microscope, TAT measures over 100,000 individual telomeres per patient sample that are analyzed in quintuplicate replicates to ensure high levels of reproducibility and accuracy.  As it is the shortest telomeres that cause cellular senescence and not average (mean) telomere length, the TAT provides the percentage of short telomeres; those responsible for driving replicative senescence and which have been shown to be a significant contributing factor to the onset of age-related, chronic diseases.

About Eastern Biotech & life sciences:

Eastern Biotech & life sciences is a biotechnology company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2005, Eastern Biotech is a pioneer in its field and has an increasing presence in the other GCC countries. The company provides highly specialized diagnostic services which include Anti-Aging & Wellness testing, Genetic Testing for Fitness & Nutrition, Nutritional & Fitness consultation, Cancer genetic testing, Genetic Counseling, DNA Ancestry, Food Intolerance & Allergy testing, and many more.

About Life Length:

Founded as a spin-off of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center, Life Length offers a number of proprietary tests for measuring cellular senescence, a crucial biomarker for establishing biological age, for early detection of chronic diseases and for risk stratification. Life Length is the only company in the world able to measure telomeres individually at the chromosomal level with its Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®). Life Length provides its testing services to the pharmaceutical and related industries for drug and product R&D and clinical studies, as well as to physicians working in preventive and personalized medicine for patient care together with such fields as cardiology and oncology in which telomeres have been shown to play a significant contributing in disease development. Life Length is accredited by the U.S. Department of Health as a clinical laboratory under the CLIA legislation and also IS0 15189 certified.