Eaton launches 5E Gen2 the next generation of efficient, affordable, power protection for critical applications in both residential and professional settings


Dubai, UAE – Intelligent power management company Eaton has announced the Gen2 version of its essential line interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 5E. It provides power protection for the most essential applications in residential and professional settings and an excellent price-performance ratio. 

5E Gen2 is a compact and reliable UPS that now covers a wider range of ratings (550 – 2200 VA) and operates even more silently for a better customer experience. 5E Gen2 is also a champion of global compatibility, coupled with high quality standards, ensuring reliable connectivity even at the most critical moments.

Thanks to valued feedback from customers, the 5E Gen2 range is now enlarged (10 to 22 P/Ns) and supplied with local outlet models (FR/ DIN-IT/BS) in addition to current IEC models. It also offers higher VA ratings, lower noise, silent audible alarm and an enhanced aesthetic.

“As the latest addition to Eaton’s UPS line, the 5E Gen2 champions innovation in performance, flexibility, and cybersecurity, not to mention it boasts absolute reliability in the most critical moments.” said Ashraf Yehia, Managing Director, Eaton Middle East. “Whether the applications are residential or professional, the 5E Gen2 is globally compatible and operates silently for an enhanced customer experience.”

The 5E Gen2 is part of a wide product range that covers the power requirements of many IT devices providing protection for computers, workstations and peripherals; internet routers, network-attached storage devices (NASs), televisions, games consoles, plus the type of power-hungry devices used for applications such as home security, point of sale operations and ticketing machines. The 5E Gen 2 comes with a two-year warranty which can be extended. 

This UPS is also a sustainable choice due to its reduced power consumption and the role it can play in regulating grid fluctuations, while at the same time conserving battery life to handle any actual outages. Users can analyze and control their power usage with the Eaton UPS Companion software.

“To top it off, the solution promotes sustainability with its reduced power consumption, which also leads to reduced costs in the long run, making it a quintessential source of power in today’s challenging IT environments.” Added Yehia.

Double-boost line interactive topology (AVR) guarantees a wider input voltage window (under and overvoltage: 140 – 300 V) to save battery power in the event of a power outage. A silent operation, ensured by fanless design up to 1200 VA, allows users to progress with their work or leisure activities with no disruptions in residential settings.

Installation is easy because the UPS integrates automatically into most common operating systems, providing effortless connection with other equipment. Once installed, it is easy to use and its compact housing means it fits easily into home or office surroundings.

About Eaton:

Eaton is a leading UPS manufacturer with decades of experience in the market. The company’s well-trusted products are renowned for high-quality standards and are CE compliant. Safety certification from third-party TUV lab (CB report) guarantees compliance with latest international safety standards (IEC 62040-1: 2017 / EN IEC 62040-1:2019). 

Eaton is an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people everywhere. We are guided by our commitment to do business right, to operate sustainably and to help our customers manage power ─ today and well into the future. By capitalizing on the global growth trends of electrification and digitalization, we’re accelerating the planet’s transition to renewable energy, helping to solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges, and doing what’s best for our stakeholders and all of society.

Founded in 1911, Eaton is marking its 100th anniversary of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We reported revenues of $20.8 billion in 2022 and serve customers in more than 170 countries. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.