Ecommerce Development & Digital Marketing Company is Now Available in Dubai – Lumina


Lumina offers digital marketing plans that sustain your business by adapting your brand to all the changes that are occurring in the global market. 

We are a leading company in the online world with a team operating from around the world who assembles strategies to generate online traffic and increase sales rate. We are a top-rated Ecommerce development and digital marketing company that presents customized services to boost your online presence, and now we are operating from Dubai.

Our services include ecommerce store development, digital marketing and website design. We take the online presence of our clients to another level by providing tailor-made strategies that represent the identity of the brand and create awareness to reach a wide audience, not only in the local market but everywhere around the world.

Our portfolio and clients’ reviews are proof of our dedication, commitment and success. As we work on exceeding the expectations of our clients, we are also in the continuous process of enhancing our skills by studying the market and the digital world, which enables us to keep the businesses that entrust us with their Ecommerce stores ahead of their competitors.

Reaching potential clients might seem frustrating and a commitment that is hard to keep up with. But Lumina is available and is always ready to either start from scratch or take an existing business to a new level of success. 

Lumina’s digital marketing service improves sales rate, the revenue of the business and the website traffic. The numbers are always represented in the reports that we share with our clients to show them the progress of the business’s online presence. We are constantly working on updating and improving our strategies that are based on advanced researches.

Our skilled team is always eager to learn and dig deeper in the online world, which offers our clients unprecedented results and ranking on search engines. We help the targeted audience reach the products by attracting them in several ways towards the online store. 

Some features we insist on including in our digital marketing strategies are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content optimization, integrated online marketing plans, and website strategy. Our Google ad campaigns are successful and triumphing compared to those of competitors. We are leading in our field because we build digital personas and understand our client’s target audiences which enables us to focus on a target and build our plans accordingly. We offer the best SEO services in Dubai.

We offer email marketing, to engage with the targeted audience and keep reminding them about the business, thus creating brand awareness and leading more traffic to the online store.

Lumina’s Ecommerce development services have always met our client’s expectations and even exceeded them because we are aimed at delivering the best services that generate excellent results.

Our experienced developers improve the website traffic and performance by building a customer journey through the integration of an attractive design, easy website navigation, mobile-friendly websites, fast-loading pages with relevant and transparent content. So by enhancing the user experience and offering them an unforgettable journey, we are transforming visitors into customers. Thus, increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the bounce rate which will reflect in the ranking on the search engines. 

The features of the optimized Ecommerce development services include the orientation of the website, user interface, user experience, color schema, design optimization, website speed, front-end design, payment gateway integration.

All the above and more are always tailor-made as per the brand’s goals and client’s budget. The results of our strategies and our customer-oriented team have helped in building a bond between Lumina and our clients, which is by far the most important review that we can add to our profile.

We believe that by helping our clients in reaching their goals and flourishing their business, we will be together climbing a ladder towards success. The clients are the main asset of Lumina, and immersing ourselves in continuous self-development is the least that we can do. We take our client’s satisfaction very seriously and we are always committed to delivering impeccable services that generate superior results.

Our portfolio of satisfied clients and successful projects has helped us win the trust of new brands and of those who are strongly competing in the market. We believe that our success is a result of the commitment to flourishing our client’s business as if it was our own, we interpret the requirements and develop a customized online store accordingly.

Our goal is to develop an engaging online store to increase the interaction of the users with the website. We work on driving traffic to your store and then keep the visitors captivated by adding high-quality images, clear products description, a well-developed about page and a contact us page. This is how we ensure that most of the website visitors will turn into customers, thus turning the website traffic into a tangible result reflected in sales rate.