EDGE Signs MoU with UAE Ministry of Education to Explore Training & Sponsorship Opportunities, Positioning Itself as Destination for Top STEM Talent

  • Agreement to Act as Framework to Nurture Next Generation of Top STEM Talent
  • EDGE to Offer Best Candidates Clear Career Path in Advanced Technology Sector
His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and Managing Director, EDGE

Abu Dhabi-UAE: EDGE, the advanced technology group for defence and beyond, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UAE Ministry of Education (MoE) to explore cooperation and extend training and sponsorship opportunities to the next generation of top STEM talent.

According to the agreement, EDGE will implement training programmes for distinguished higher education students in the advanced technology sphere, and also offer internships to the most talented school and university students with a view to advancing their interest and skills in STEM disciplines.

His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and Managing Director, EDGE and His Excellency Dr Mohamed Ebrahim Al Mualla, Undersecretary for Academic Affairs, UAE Ministry of Education, signed the agreement in the presence of senior representatives of the two entities.

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al Mualla said: “The MoU serves as a framework to support the next generation of STEM talent. It will also help develop and implement theoretical, practical and vocational training programs in fields like AI, cyber space, defence and electronic warfare, digital future security, and innovative defence services as part of MoE’s programmes and initiatives.”

His Excellency Faisal Al Bannai said: “As an anchor player within the UAE’s advanced technology ecosystem, EDGE is seeking to position itself as a destination for top STEM talent to thrive at the intersection of technology. We are offering a unique opportunity, through cutting-edge programmes and initiatives, for the next generation of brightest minds to foster their skills and passion in an environment that enables them to push the limit of innovation. Our agreement with the UAE Ministry of Education only reinforces the emphasis we place on supporting and nurturing local talent.”

EDGE Group is to also consider sponsoring students with innovative ideas and outstanding research-based or entrepreneurial projects in line with the Ministry’s sponsorship packages. Sponsorships could include financial rewards, training or employment, or developing the student projects into viable entrepreneurial projects or any other sponsorship support as agreed to by the two entities.

In addition, EDGE and the UAE Ministry of Education are also tasked with collaborating in organising initiatives and programmes that hone the capacities of outstanding students in STEM fields, including conferences, training workshops and competitions, and industry-themed visits.

About EDGE:

EDGE is an advanced technology group established to develop agile, bold and disruptive solutions for defence and beyond. Enabling a secure future, it is dedicated to bringing innovative technologies and services to market with greater speed and efficiency. Consolidating over 25 entities and employing more than 13,000 brilliant minds, it offers expertise across five core clusters: Platforms & Systems, Missiles & Weapons, Cyber Defence, Electronic Warfare & Intelligence and Mission Support.  Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, EDGE is a catalyst for change – set to revolutionise the industry and change its fundamentals.

About UAE Ministry of Education:

With the lay of the first construction block of the Union of the Emirates, the founder and his fellows saw education as the foundation to build a society capable of keeping pace with progress. Over the past decades, the interest of the leadership focused on building an educational system comparable to those in developed countries, investing all resources to achieve its goals.

To achieve their visions, our wise leadership has accelerated the development of education to achieve high-quality educational outcomes.

Through a large investment in human power, the UAE was keen on creating the necessary conditions to build pioneering Emirati institutions, characterized by a high- quality learning environment and equipped with the highest modern technology tools that enable generations of students to complete their higher education. This started with the opening of the UAE University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Zayed University in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and private higher educational institutions that foster creativity in the national youth, supported by new academic disciplines to cope with the labour market requirements.

The Ministry of Education has been working hard to develop curriculum learning standards and national assessment to emulate best global practices.

The Ministry also supports the country’s strategy to promote a culture of creativity and innovation through providing students with twenty-first century skills to keep pace with global developments, the promotion of education and leading it to new horizons.