Egypt exporting talent to the world, says LinkedIn’s new research


Egypt: Egypt is exporting talent to the rest of the world, with most professionals moving out of Egypt to acquire work experience in markets such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The data was released by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network at the company’s first ever event in Egypt after analyzing data recorded from September 2015 to September 2016.

The LinkedIn research also goes on to add that these professionals primarily work in sectors like engineering, sales, operations, education, and IT. According to the research, Egyptian professionals who return to the country, do so with further professional experience with 33% assuming senior positions in business. 12% of those returning professionals take up high level roles such as director and above.

“We aspire to be a growth engine for Egypt’s economy, assisting businesses to become more competitive and successful while helping them find, attract and retain the best talent. The insights from LinkedIn’s research carried out in the country shows that there is great pool of talent, with potential and opportunities waiting to be tapped. LinkedIn looks forward to investing in Egypt with its Talent Solutions offering, providing innovative recruiting tools to companies,” said Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Over 70 attendees from Egypt’s top companies attended the event which also saw LinkedIn announce a partnership with telecom giant Vodafone.

“LinkedIn will provide a great boost to companies and the talent pool here giving both parties the opportunity to make the right connections. We are excited to partner with LinkedIn and start this fresh new chapter for the country,” said Mohamed Khairy Head of HR, Vodafone Egypt.

Using the event as a platform, LinkedIn shared its expertise with companies on how to build a strong talent acquisition strategy, how to become a successful employer brand, and more importantly how to use to ensure your employees are up-to-date with the latest skills in their industries.

“It is LinkedIn’s vision to connect talent and create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce through the ongoing development of the world’s first Economic Graph—a digital map of the global economy that connect talent with opportunity at massive scale. Therefore, LinkedIn can play a massive role through providing unique insights on all the skills available versus the skills needed in the current job market and the economic opportunities that are available,” said Ali.

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