Emerson Advances Sustainable Air Conditioning with Introduction of a Range of Variable Speed Scroll Compressor Solutions


Emerson’s Copeland™ variable speed scroll compressor and inverter drive solution deliver high energy efficiency and performance for commercial and residential AC applications

United Arab Emirates: In many countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, green building guidelines and codes are advancing quickly. Air conditioning typically accounts for 40 to 60% [1] of energy consumption within commercial buildings, which means that air-conditioning systems need to become more energy-efficient, in order to comply with green building guidelines and regulations. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of commercial and residential air-conditioning systems are facing fast evolving and stringent requirements, as the need for energy efficient products and systems grows. 

In anticipation of these government requirements, Emerson (NYSE: EMR) has developed a range of variable speed compressors and technology solutions that help OEMs create air-conditioning systems that enhance human comfort and protect the environment.

The Copeland™ variable speed scroll compressor and inverter drive solution delivers about 30% [2] reduction in power consumption. These products are engineered to deliver outstanding part load and full peak load performance for a broad range of commercial and residential air-conditioning applications including chillers, data centers, split and package air conditioners. 

The Copeland variable speed scroll compressor can be matched with an inverter drive which enables our customers to meet shorter development times and achieve cost savings. A tandem configuration of variable speed and fixed speed compressors provide OEMs the flexibility to expand the range and strike the best balance of efficiency and cost. Emerson’s variable speed compressor and inverter drive solution helps air conditioning OEMs meet energy regulations, and building owners meet future commercial building trends without sacrificing performance.

Emerson has invested heavily in the Asia-Pacific region, with the opening of the research and solutions center in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, where our engineers strive to design efficient and reliable environmental-friendly cooling systems. Emerson also supports its customers in the Middle East and Africa region with the development of their new variable speed systems, through its technical expertise and an ISO certified lab facility.

“2021 marks the 100th anniversary for Copeland, a testament of our commitment to provide best-in-class solutions to solve the toughest air conditioning challenges,” said Abel Gnanakumar, vice president, air conditioning & business development, Asia, Middle East & Africa for Emerson. The Copeland variable speed scroll compressor and inverter drive are front and center in this endeavor.” 

About Emerson:

Emerson acquired Copeland in 1986 and made significant investments in the development of its flagship scroll technology. The first scroll compressor was introduced under the Copeland brand in 1987, which ultimately revolutionized the air conditioning and refrigeration industries worldwide with a family of compressors, known for their highly efficient, and reliable performance. Emerson remains committed to the continuous innovation of Copeland technology – from research and development, design and engineering, to advanced testing and manufacturing at innovation centers and plant locations across the globe. Emerson today designs and manufacturers Copeland solutions in the United States, China and several other countries to meet the unique needs of each regional market.