Emirates Environment Group Awards Keolis MHI for Remarkable Paper Recycling Campaign


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Keolis MHI, the leading transportation company and the operator of Dubai Metro and Tram, is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of the top 10 organisation in the Corporate Category for its exceptional Paper Recycling Campaign in 2022. The esteemed Emirates Environment Group Awards honoured Keolis MHI for its outstanding commitment to sustainability and its remarkable achievement of finishing 4th overall in the UAE.

In the past year, Keolis MHI demonstrated its dedication to environmental preservation by recycling an impressive total of 46.843 tonnes of paper. This incredible accomplishment has resulted in numerous positive impacts, equivalent to saving 796 trees, conserving 17,800 gallons of oil, reducing landfill waste by 140.529 cubic yards, saving 187,372 kilowatts of energy, and preserving 327,901 gallons of water.

The efforts have also had a significant impact in terms of carbon dioxide reduction. A remarkable 11,710.75 pounds of carbon dioxide have been absorbed, corresponding to 5,311.902514 kilograms. Moreover, the burning of 1500 of paper would typically emit 70,264.5 pounds of carbon dioxide, highlighting the substantial contribution made by Keolis MHI in combating climate change.

Wallace Weatherill, Managing Director of Keolis MHI, expressed his delight at the recognition, stating, “We are truly honoured to receive this prestigious award from the Emirates Environment Group. At Keolis MHI, we firmly believe in the importance of environmental care and sustainability. This accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team in driving positive change and fostering a greener future.”

In addition to the remarkable achievements in paper recycling, at Keolis MHI, is leading the way in adopting innovative technologies and actively supporting Dubai’s paperless initiative. It is vital to understand the significance of reducing paper usage, which is why Keolis MHI has introduced digital solutions across various aspects of its operations. By implementing measures to curb the dependencies on paper, it is actively encouraging staff in creating a paperless environment.

As the Roads and Transport Authority Dubai unveils its strategy for achieving Net-Zero Emission Public Transport by 2050, this essential certificate has been achieved at a pivotal moment. It aligns with the authority’s commitment to combat climate change and reduce its carbon footprint in key areas, including public transportation, buildings and related facilities, and waste management.

As a leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions, Keolis MHI remains committed to minimising its environmental footprint and ensuring the wellbeing of the planet in all its operations. Through initiatives like the Paper Recycling Campaign, Keolis MHI strives to inspire others and create a positive impact on the environment, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and greener world.