EmiratesGBC launches online ‘Green Building Tooltips’ to promote sustainable best practices

EmiratesGBC - Office Interior perspective of toolkit
  • EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips, powered by BASF and Legrand, launched to mark UN World Environment Day on June 5
  • Provides comprehensive insights and tips for developers, building owners and residents to make their buildings ‘greener’ through simple steps for greater energy and water use efficiency
EmiratesGBC – Office Interior perspective of toolkit

Dubai, UAE: Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC), an independent forum aimed at conserving the environment by strengthening and promoting green building practices, today launched its brand-new initiative to encourage green building best practices, the ‘Green Building Tooltips,’ freely accessible online at: emiratesgbc.org  The Tooltips were launched on the occasion of the United Nation’s World Environment Day, marked annually on June 5.

A rich online resource on best practices that will help the construction industry and community make their built environments more sustainable, the EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips aim to provide relevant information on green buildings for an audience of varying levels of technical capacity. The interactive designs cover three different building typologies, showcasing a home, school and office building.  The initiative is powered by BASF and Legrand, EmiratesGBC corporate members, underlining their commitment to promoting sustainability.

Saeed Al Abbar, Chairman of Emirates Green Building Council, said: “The new EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips webpage is the first and only one of its kind initiative in the region that provides valuable guidance and insights for building users and the industry to implement sustainability best practices. The free-to-access resources brings incredible knowledge on how to promote energy and water efficiency in built environments. We are thankful to BASF and Legrand who have eagerly supported this initiative and to the experts who contributed to this resource base.”

Effortless to navigate and access, the EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips will not only help developers who are currently building new projects but also those who seek to retrofit their buildings, as well as members of the public who wish to pursue a greener lifestyle. The best practices recommended in the Tooltips are easy to apply and will help make a tangible difference in promoting a greener environment. In addition to achieving savings on utility bills, the tips suggested through the online resource will help reduce the carbon footprint by making built environments more sustainable.

The EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips will be a valuable referral place for home-owners and developers, as well as for commercial building owners and tenants, architects, interior designers, planners and for educational institutions and healthcare providers. “With a tremendous focus today by schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and home-owners in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting green building best practices, the EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips will serve as a ready reckoner on all information related to green buildings,” added Al Abbar.

The Tooltips cover how to enhance energy and water use efficiency, offering tips on how to keep the living environment cool, despite the harsh outside temperatures, and which areas in homes, schools and office premises can be made greener. Promoting direct action through its do-it-yourself approach, the Tooltips promote sustainability as a culture and way of living of the people.

John Frijns, Vice President Middle East, BASF, said: “The Green Building Tooltips by EmiratesGBC is a significant initiative that will further drive the ongoing activities by various industry stakeholders and the public in promoting sustainable built environments. As a leading provider of raw materials, systems and finish products to the construction industry, BASF delivers economically and ecologically sound solutions that facilitate high quality construction and improve building life expectancy. Through our support of the Tooltips, we are further underlining our commitment to the green vision of the UAE and the region.”

Amelie Zegmout, General Manager of Legrand, said: “We are delighted to partner with EmiratesGBC on its Green Building Tooltips, which give practical solutions to promote the energy and water use efficiency of buildings – both existing and under development. Legrand is committed to enhancing the sustainability of our built environments, and through this initiative, we want to further share our expertise with all stakeholders, and thereby contribute to a greener future for our coming generations.”

EmiratesGBC regularly hosts and participates in multinational events, conferences and forums. It has also developed a suite of activities, inclusive of networking events, technical workshops, focus days and facilitated training based around specific issues related to the built-environment that meet the needs of its members, of the UAE community and the wider Middle East.

About Emirates Green Building Council:

The Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) was founded in June 2006, and became the 8th full member of the World Green Building Council in September 2006. EmiratesGBC is an organisation that promotes and educates on green issues in the built environment and is the official body for the UAE endorsed by the World Green Building Council. EmiratesGBC currently has around 150 members in the UAE which represents 1000s of individuals interested and involved in Green Building in the UAE and the region. In addition, EmiratesGBC members receive discounts on a number of programmes such as those related to conferences, seminars, training and green building events.