Emirati Coffee Sees Shift in Consumer Demand for Coffee


Sets a New Trend in Coffee Capsules by Perfecting the Taste of Specialty Coffee in a Capsule

Dubai, UAE: Emirati Coffee, the first home-grown specialty coffee roastery continues to record triple-digit growth, fueled by a shift in brand preference for coffee pods and capsules. 

For the first quarter of the year, the company has recorded unprecedented sales for its Emirati Coffee Specialty Coffee Capsules and has since gained the position of changing the consumer mindset in brand name capsules. 

“We have seen a shift in brand preference and high demand for Emirati Coffee Specialty Coffee. We are extremely proud because we were able to produce capsules that would disturb the current modern trend,” said Mohamed Ali Al-Madfai, CEO of Emirati Coffee.  

With each capsule hermetically sealed with aluminum from Belgium, drinkers are guaranteed optimal freshness with every cup. Available in two origins from South America and Central America and soon to launch five new origins from Africa, Asia, And the Americas. The brand will also launch three new Signature Collection Specialty Capsules for three of the UAE’s most prominent Fashion and Luxury Influencers.   

Emirati Coffee products are carefully selected from the rarest micro-lots from around the world for the highest-grade specialty bean, roasted to perfection and packed in a state-of-the-art facility in the UK. The launch of the new origins and the signature collection in collaboration with the leading luxury and fashion influencers in the UAE in YAS MALL Emirati Coffee Boutique.  

“Our specialty coffee is targeted for the Middle East consumers who expect a specialty café grade espresso in a capsule. Through our products, consumers can prepare extraordinary espresso or cappuccino with ease and simplicity and re-create the café-style experience even at home,” adds Al-Madfai. 

The UAE has been the fastest evolving coffee market in the Middle East region. It’s status as the global business and tourism hub has drawn the attention of global food and beverage (F&B) chains in the country. Reports said that the number of cups of coffee consumed in the country has witnessed a substantial increase from 1.4 billion cups a day in 2012 to 3.4 billion cups a day in 2016. Dubai has accounted for a major share of the number of coffee outlets in the U.A.E., followed by Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. 

“The country’s young generation really loves specialty coffee, and they love the experience that goes when hanging out with friends in coffee shops. There are consumers who purchase capsules for their coffee machines at home. As coffee is the most consumed beverage, high demand for coffee is the primary reason for the pods and capsules market’s growth,” noted Al-Madfai. 

About Emirati Coffee:

Founded in 2017, Emirati Coffee Co. is a locally owned home-grown company that produces specialty coffee. It sources its beans from over 40 countries and then roasts and markets them to over 160 cafes across the region. The line of products includes Specialty coffee whole beans, Specialty Coffee Organic whole beans, instant coffee, and coffee capsules, and soon canned beverages to both consumers and enterprise customers.

Emirati Coffee is the first specialty coffee roastery to earn a HACCP certification and an A grade for maintaining the international standards for food safety storage and production, keeping the freshness and quality of the green bean. The company has a fleet of delivery cars and trucks to ensure an end-to-end quality service at the highest standards.

Emirati Coffee Co. is the official Partner of many esteemed government organizations, such being the official Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) Coffee Partner, catering to its clients and exhibitors.