Emirati “KMK Group” intends to launch a smart application “Manzel Express” to manage real estate in the country

Dr. Ayoub Alfarj, CEO of KMK Group

Abu Dhabi:  The Emirati “KMK Group” announced its intention to launch the “Manzel Express” application before the year end in the United Arab Emirates, as it is considered an integrated smart system with modern and innovative technology to manage residential and commercial real estate around the clock.

Dr. Ayob Al-Fraj, CEO of KMK Group, said on this occasion: “In light of the digital and technological development, we are pleased to announce the launch of the“ Manzel Express ”application in cooperation with our partners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America, in order to provide smart solutions in real estate management, providing The most appropriate services for landlords and tenants alike. “

added Dr. Al-Fraj: “The program was launched to be able to bypass the Covid19 virus pandemic, as the application is keen to provide services and real estate and administrative activities remotely, in order to preserve public health and limit the spread of the virus, without the need to visit the group’s offices or real estate companies affiliated with the application, and that In order to adhere to social distancing, and in the endeavor to develop services that meet the requirements of landlords and tenants, and to help them complete the procedures seamlessly. “

The Group CEO explained that the application has a number of advantages, the most prominent of which is providing a summary of the daily operations in which it reviews the most important events and main indicators related to residents’ requests, managing and presenting maintenance requests and complaints from residents, assigning tasks to the responsible employee, provide rent payment and services electronically, monitor the performance of employees and maintenance workers and delegate tasks to them electronically, and provide a visitor security system that enables to monitor & manage the visitors’ entry to the property, in addition to The application provides the possibility of linking the complex with its services such as the sports club, the swimming pool, the shopping center, the stateroom.

Said Dr. Ayob Al-Fraj: “The application is unique in the region, as it provides the highest levels of control in contract management, rent collection, tenant relations, bills, visitor entry security, and the application also organizes all maintenance requests, notifications and alerts between all parties as well as broadcasting any announcement or memo to tenants through the mobile application. 

He stated that the “Manzel Express” application contributes to reducing the operational cost by at least 60%, and increasing the effectiveness of collecting rents and services, with a minimum of 20%.

He explained that the application relies on a smart use method that saves time, effort and money in terms of the maintenance sector, and also provides indicators for each real estate unit about what it needs, and the cost of maintenance work within the general budget set by the owner to deal with the property perfectly, indicating that the application is keen on Satisfactory provision of maintenance services to the tenants.

He stated that the “Manzel Express” application has been applied to thousands of residential and commercial units in towers, buildings and complexes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, noting that the KMK Group is cooperating with a number of residential and commercial building owners and real estate companies in Abu Dhabi to include them in this application to provide the service. Excellence in the real estate sector, keeping pace with urban development and the Abu Dhabi vision for sustainable development 2030.