Empower participates in the global leaders’ panel discussion at the International District Energy Association (IDEA) annual conference 2021

  • Bin Shafar: Development of district cooling in the Emirates is driven by powerful national policies
Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower

Dubai, UAE: Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, participated in the International District Energy Association (IDEA) Annual Conference and Trade Show – IDEA 2021, which was held from 27 to 29 September in Austin, Central Texas, USA, under the theme ‘Powering the future’. The 2021 edition of the IDEA Annual Conference and Trade Show was organized in person as well as virtual modes and witnessed a participation of more than 2,400 experts from 30 countries. 

Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, Member of IDEA Board of Directors and Chairman of the Association of District Cooling Operators Dubai, headed the Empower delegation and attended the global leaders’ panel discussion, which was conducted over virtual platform where the global leaders of District Energy, discussed about the industry, innovation and investments. Bin Shafar remarked during the panel discussion that government’s support with favorable policies is the key in promoting this environmentally friendly cooling solution in the region.

“The national and strategic policies set by government have enabled the district cooling industry in the country in general and Dubai in particular to achieve the advanced qualitative leaps. The UAE Energy Strategy 2050 and Dubai Clean Energy strategy, The National Climate Change Plan of the UAE 2017–2050 and the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy are instrumental in fostering a culture of adopting energy efficient district cooling systems among the real estate developers and building owners in Dubai. I call on the participants of the IDEA Annual Conference to keep working on promoting the ​​district cooling solutions all over the world to enable communities to make the most of the economic, social and health benefits of the industry, which also help protecting resources and the climate,” said Ahmad bin Shafar

During the 3-days event, Empower’s delegation highlighted over virtual platforms the leading experience of the company in the district cooling industry, and its unique utilization of the techniques of the 4th revolution in management and control processes. The delegation also presented Empower’s practical experience in performing its operations and its superior ability to provide best services to its customers following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Bin Shafar also pointed out that exchange of technical expertise with the industry’s key international players means a lot to Empower. “We believe that the growing importance of this sector requires us to keep pace with developments and successful experiences in facing challenges, and innovating best practices, especially as district cooling has become the main focus for achieving effective and sustainable performance in various sectors and social and economic activities,” he added.

Empower’s CEO stressed that such international events would enable Empower to build solid bridges with the industry’s key players and commercial partners. “It is a valuable opportunity to exchange views and have rich conversations aimed at improving the design of district cooling systems.” 

The 2021 edition of the IDEA Annual Conference and Trade Show focused on the recent trends and future of the energy industry and its technologies, as well as opportunities to take part in international efforts to shape a more flexible and effective humane future that is also less exposed to carbon emissions. This year’s edition also addressed the ways to expand the geographical scope of district energy systems’ uses, whether in terms of sustainable energy infrastructure or introducing modern technologies in production and distribution. It also touched several themes for improving, expanding, upgrading and renovating the district cooling services, integration of renewable energy sources with district cooling energy, developing strategies to conserve and improve water resources, in addition to other topics that represented a priority for the cooling industry and its stakeholders. As part of its activities, the Conference presented working papers that addressed the most prominent changes and developments in the industry, and the future perspectives for the renewable and clean energy.