Enjoy a slate of brand-new exclusive content and more this November on STARZPLAY


STARZPLAY, MENA region’s fastest growing subscription video on demand (SVOD) service, is offering a content roster jam-packed with a line-up of fresh and exclusive content. From new and exclusive shows, to documentaries and Hollywood titles, there is something for everyone on STARZPLAY. November offers an incredible line-up of exclusive programming available to watch anytime, anywhere and from any device. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:


Dexter: New Blood, currently streaming on STARZPLAY 

Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, far from his original home in Miami. 

Yellowjackets, streaming on November 15

A team of wildly talented high school girls’ soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the Ontario wilderness. 

In Style with Rym, streaming on November 21

Tunisian model Rym Saidi takes the viewers on a journey in the world of fashion and beauty, wherein she challenges talented amateur designers to create different looks and showcase their skills. 

New seasons 

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, streaming on November 22

In the first season, we saw Tariq St. Patrick on his own for the first time, navigating his new life, in which his desire to shed his father’s legacy comes up against the mounting pressure to save his family. Along the way, Tariq gets entangled in the affairs of the cutthroat Tejada family, adding further complications as he tries to balance his drug operations with his education, love life and family affairs. In season 2, Tariq’s journey with the Tejada family will get even more complicated and dangerous, as he begins to understand the man he’s going to become. 

Blindspot Season 5, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

Two months after the drone strike in Iceland, the remaining members of Weller’s team, now international fugitives, reconvene in secret as they work to clear their names while also dealing with the loss of one of their own. Meanwhile, Madeline Burke, now director of all federal law enforcement, becomes intent on finding and capturing the team, while also teaming up with a known terrorist organization, with the plan of using ZIP to wipe the memories of world powers and reform them under her leadership. The team must find a way to clear their names, expose Madeline as the monster that she is, and stop her plan in order to reclaim their lives. 

New shows on the platform

Empire Seasons 1-6

A hip-hop mogul must choose a successor among his three sons who are battling for control over his multi-million dollar company, while his ex-wife schemes to reclaim what is hers. 

The Resident Seasons 1-2, streaming on November 18

A group of doctors at Chastain Memorial Hospital face personal and professional challenges on a daily basis. 

New movies on the platform

Kingsman: The Secret Service, streaming on November 19

A spy organisation recruits a promising street kid into the agency’s training program, while a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, streaming on November 19

After the enemies blow up their headquarters, the surviving agents of Kingsman band together with their American counterpart to take down a ruthless drug cartel.

The Greatest Showman, streaming on November 5

Celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

The Mountain Between Us, streaming on November 12

Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow-covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness. 

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, streaming on November 12

Now out of prison but still disgraced by his peers, Gordon Gekko works his future son-in-law, and idealistic stockbroker, when he sees an opportunity to take down a Wall Street enemy and rebuild his empire. 

Murder on the Orient Express, streaming on November 26

When a murder occurs in the train on which he is travelling, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case.

The Shape of Water, streaming on November 26

Set in 1962, Elisa is a mute, isolated woman who works as a cleaner in a hidden, high-security government laboratory in Baltimore. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab’s classified secret, a mysterious, scaled creature from South America that lives in a water tank. As Elisa develops a unique bond with her new friend, she soon learns that its fate and very survival lies in the hands of a hostile government agent and a marine biologist.

Documentaries and Docuseries to watch on STARZPLAY

Deep Sea Killers, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

The ocean’s predators use their remarkable weapons and skills to hunt or defend themselves against other hungry predators. 

Roar: The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

The story behind Roar, the controversial film which included 150 untrained lions and tigers. With 70 crew members injured, it became known as “the most dangerous film ever made”. 

Inside North Korea’s Dynasty, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

Inside North Korea’s Dynasty is the ultimate story of a family’s power, and the relationship among a father, son and grandson. The series provides the most complex and comprehensive look at the Kim dynasty that has ever been attempted, revealing the workings behind the formidable family dynamics at the heart of an extraordinary country. 

The Haunted Museum, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

Follow the frightening and hellish tales behind the spooky relics on display in Zak Bagans’ Las Vegas museum, by way of scripted shorts produced by Roth and his accredited team, and with featured commentary from Bagans himself. 

New discovery+ content on the platform

Into the Wild with Bear Grylls and Ajay Devgn, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

In this special episode of Into the Wild with Bear Grylls, adventurer and survivalist Bear takes actor, film director and producer Ajay Devgn on an epic adventure across India. Together, Bear and Ajay set out on a classic military-style mission. The episode is available to watch on the discovery+ add on channel on STARZPLAY.  

OWN Spotlight: Oprah and Jennifer Hudson, streaming on November 21

Oprah talks to Academy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson about her new film, Respect. Jennifer reveals that the inspiration behind her portrayal of Aretha Franklin and how the legendary singer changed her life. Jennifer shares details about their last conversation. The episode is available to watch on the discovery+ add on channel on STARZPLAY.  

The World’s Biggest Drug Lord, streaming on November 24

The World’s Biggest Drug Lord, available to watch on the discovery+ add on channel on STARZPLAY, takes an inside look at Tse Chi Lop, a mysterious criminal mastermind behind the largest drug trafficking operation in history. Yet, unlike Escobar or El Chapo, he was a virtual unknown. Investigators from the FBI, DEA and Australian Federal Police reveal how Tse stayed below the radar for more than a decade, quietly ending rivalries between the world’s top crime syndicates, from the triads, to motorcycle gangs, to Sicilian mobsters, for one aim… to make tons of money from drugs.  

New Kid’s content on the platform

Rocco Season 2, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

Toto and his best friend Robbie are toys that come to life in a kindergarten after all the kids have gone home. 

Beep Beep, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

Two cars and a road interact and find their friendship tested in each episode. 

Teeny & Tiny’s Classroom, currently streaming on STARZPLAY

Teeny and Tiny are two happy and mischievous friends that share with us their riddles and games.

With thousands of hours of premium content including blockbuster movies, exclusive TV shows, kids content, Arabic series, as well as varied content via add on channels, STARZPLAY is today the number one player in the MENA region. The service is available in 20 countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan for fans to enjoy quality content anytime, anywhere and from any device. 


STARZPLAY (www.starzplay.com) is a subscription video on demand service that streams Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, the same-time-as-the-US series – plus dedicated kids’ entertainment and Arabic content – to 20 countries across MENA and Pakistan.

The service carries thousands of premium titles including exclusive STARZPLAY original content such as Baghdad Central, STARZ Original content such as Power, Outlander, Spartacus and The White Queen as well as premium content with add-ons such as discovery+, UFC Arabia, BluTV, Premier Sports, AD Sports, T20 World Cup and Majid TV.”

STARZPLAY has secured tie ups with a host of leading, global studios including MGM, 20th Century Studios, Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Discovery and Fox International Channels. 

STARZ (www.starz.com), a Lionsgate company (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) are the lead investors along with media and technology investment firms including SEQ Capital Partners and Delta Partners. In early 2021, STARZPLAY secured its first independent financing in the region of US$25 million (approx. AED 92 million) from Abu Dhabi based Ruya Partners.

Reaching over 1.8 million subscribers, STARZPLAY allows subscribers to watch its full HD and 4K content via most internet-enabled devices, smart TVs and game consoles, and is widely available on regional IPTV services. Its iOS and Android apps – installed on more than three million devices – also allow downloads for offline playback.