“Enjoy Summer with Luxurio”


A refreshing look for ” Luxurio Halawa Bakara Al Maddah” in C Hub Café

For a promising beginning of a delicious and unique experience, a strategic partnership agreement was signed between Al-Maddah Trading Group, one of the oldest confectionery companies in Saudi Arabia with over seventy years in the industry, represented by “Mr. Turky Abdul Majeed” group CEO, and the management of the C Hub Café, a chain of distinguished cafés known for providing exceptional coffee and the finest drinks and desserts in the western region, represented by “Mr. Mohammed Al-Saadi”, a member of the Board of Directors.

This partnership aims to offer a variety of new products and experiences that combine exceptional coffee and delicious dishes with the leading brand of caramel fudge in the Kingdom “Luxurio Halawa Bakara Al Maddah.” On this occasion, three new products were launched to start the innovation journey at C Hub Café. The new products which will be exclusively available in all C Hub branches, include Luxurio Signature, Luxurio Molten Cake and Luxurio Ice Cream.

This partnership was launched with the introduction of summer festival in C Hub and will last for one year, through which the two parties seek to provide an enjoyable and unique experience for C Hub customers with Luxurio Halawa Bakara Al Maddah. The partnership will be supported by joined marketing programs to grow the business of the two partners and achieve the group’s vision “Together We Rise”.