Enrich Baking Experiences this Ramadan with Panasonic’s New Kitchen Machine


The latest MK-CM300 thoroughly and effortlessly kneads large batches of dough at once so you can make more of what you love, whether it’s homemade bread or delicious cookies

Panasonic’s latest MK-CM300 kitchen machine promises perfect dough-making, ensuring upgrading baking experiences for enthusiasts and homely cooks this Ramadan.  Boosting its efforts to spread its Homemade Goodness concept in kitchen appliances that facilitate effortless cooking from scratch at home.

MK-CM300 dough-making machine is a handy kitchen tool that helps one discover the joy of baking, all the while making dough making simple and easy for the busy cooking season this Ramadan. CM300 take the effort out of baking for those who love whipping up fancy bakes and cakes at home, as well as for those who think making it tough and tiring,

An essential and compact kitchen appliance, the MK-CM300 features do not fall short in speed and power, it is equipped with a 1000W motor to conveniently knead up to 1 kg of dough.  One of its unique features is the narrow stainless steel bowl design which allows the dough to naturally collects in one place, resulting in perfect mixing. The stainless-steel bowl also comes with vertical measuring lines for quick estimation and an ergonomic handle to make it easy to work with.

Katsuki Nishimura – Manager, Appliances – PMMAF commented:  “MK-CM300 is the latest entrant to the products in our Home-Made Goodness line-up in the region. The kitchen appliance is specially made to make kneading, stirring, and whisking easier tasks for our decerning customers. A result of our long-standing experience in the home appliances sector, the CM300 kitchen machine is another product designed to make life easier. Promising Japanese quality, the kitchen machine is the perfect companion when it comes to preparing baked food like bread and cake quickly. We believe our customers will find baking more enjoyable once they experience the CM300, as it is perfect for both busy households and passionate bakers.”

Be it homemade bread or yummy cookies, the MK-CM300 takes the idea of homemade experience to another level, helping to make perfectly mixed doughs and batters effortlessly. The MK-CM300 machine comes with a 3 attachment a non-stick kneading hook and a stirring blade and not forgetting a unique whisk that brings out uniform results, even with quantities as small as a single egg white.

The multipurpose kitchen machine offers eight-speed settings allowing you to find the perfect speed for everything from folding to mixing and whisking in much lesser time. It also has a stirring lid that prevents splatter and it was designed so that anyone can add ingredients without stopping the machine.

MK-CM300 is lightweight and hence easy to hold however it doesn’t bounce around on the counter, thanks to the rubber suction cup at the bottom of the machine which keeps it anchored at all times.

This product is now available in the region.