Enterprise Estonia’s ‘Systematic Export to the UAE’ Program Organises its 3rd Flight to Start in September 2022


**Designed to assist Estonian F&B companies to enter the UAE market, after the success of the last two programs, the third export is set for further success** 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Enterprise Estonia Trade Development Agency announces the 3rd flight of the Systematic Exports to the UAE Program for Estonian F&B companies to begin in September 2022.

This flagship program of Enterprise Estonia worldwide is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It has been developed for the UAE and executed since 2020 by NIFOR Ltd, Enterprise Estonia’s UAE Program’s awarded partner. 

The program aims to assist Estonian F&B companies to –

  • Successfully address the main considerations about entering the UAE market, such as category potential size and growth, as well as suitable market entry strategy and distribution channels.
  • Accelerate market entry through effective and timely partnerships with local UAE business leads and partners. 

The participating companies are pre-selected to go through a systematic and comprehensive set of individual consultations, group seminars, leading to individual market fact-finding trips per company. 

Each company is approached as a unique case with practical step by step coaching to allow them to think and plan their best ahead of entry. Thanks to the practical guidance and expertise from the local Experts, the Program guarantees that the companies gain the necessary preparation, confidence and practical familiarisation to address each market entry challenge. 

As per the positive feedback received by previous flights’ participating companies, the program offered them considerable benefits, as it:

  • Assisted participating companies in setting well targeted objectives through a better local market understanding
  • Provided answers to cultural and regulatory considerations
  • Designed companies’ market entry strategy and completed the targeted pre-selection of local partners
  • Focused companies’ marketing efforts
  • Coached each company to design a carefully thought-through action plan to enter the UAE market

The successful two first flights of the program started in January 2020 and January 2021 respectively and delivered considerable achievements:

  • 12 companies participated 
  • More than 100 hours of UAE market-specific seminars were delivered
  • More than 100 hours of company-specific consultations were conducted
  • 36 days of individual company-specific UAE Market trips were realized, during which:
  • More than 45 introductory meetings of the Estonian companies with potential UAE distributors took place
  • High-Level company executives visited more than 290 retail stores in the UAE, and
  • 3 companies have already successfully entered the UAE market: Roosiku Organic Chocolate, Must Umami and LOOV Organic.

In conclusion, Enterprise Estonia’s Systematic Exports to the UAE is an enabler and an accelerator for Estonian exporters that matches their enthusiasm and capability with the ample UAE market Food and Beverage opportunities and ensures a much faster market entry to the UAE thanks to its rich content and practical guidance. 

About Taste Estonia

Taste Estonia, the Food and Beverage sector platform brand of Enterprise Estonia, supports the Estonian manufacturers to export their products in global markets, through relevant export-related programs, presence in Industry Events around the world and targeted marketing initiatives. The quality of Estonian food relies on the clean resources available in the country and has been rated as the second cleanest in the world by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.